Gatwick drone hunt – Army using 'special battlefield equipment' to hunt drone moron who brought airport to a standstill

A lone-wolf eco activist is feared to be behind repeated drone flights over the runway that have brought chaos to 200,000 passengers.

Members of the military were seen arriving at the airport in white vans as cancellations and delays at the busy airport continued.

They have been given specialist electronic equipment which is capable of tracking devices, such as drones, in the dark.

The cutting-edge and highly sensitive technology has been tested on the battlefield and could also be used to track down the moronic drone pilot.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “We are deploying specialist equipment to Gatwick Airport to assist Sussex Police.

Speaking to Sky News, Defence Secretary said: "Sussex Police have requested assistance and support from the armed forces, and we will be deploying the armed forces to give them the help that they need."

The saboteur had piloted the craft at least ten times over the airfield today after starting on Wednesday.

Experts say he could be controlling the drone more than five miles from Gatwick, which is in controversial talks over a second runway.

Police snipers and Army specialists were trying to bring down the device as MI5 hunted the suspect.

Brits hoping to jet off for Christmas holidays saw 760 flights  grounded or diverted.

Police commander Justin Burtenshaw said: “Each time we believe we get close to the operator, the drone disappears. When we look to reopen it reappears. I’m  convinced it is a deliberate act to disrupt Gatwick.”


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