George W. Bush and Michelle Obama's Continued Inside Joke Will Make You Smile

The Clip of Bush Handing Obama a Piece of Candy

Wednesday was a sad day for former President George W. Bush, but even at the funeral for his father, 41st President George H.W. Bush, he found a way to make Michelle Obama crack a smile. All living former presidents and first ladies were present at the funeral at the Washington National Cathedral, greeting each other with hugs and emotional gestures. There, the bipartisan bond between former First Lady Obama and the 43rd president brightened up a difficult day.

As Bush approached the row of fellow former presidents, he reached into his pocket for something sweet. He shook hands with President Donald Trump and Melania Trump, then former President Barack Obama, and when it came time to see former First Lady Obama, he slipped her a piece of candy.

This isn’t the first time the two have exchanged sweets — in fact, it seems to be their inside joke. (After all, everyone can agree on candy.) During John McCain’s funeral in September, Bush gave Obama a piece of candy, and the simple, kindhearted gesture was seen by many as a heartwarming moment.

Obama and Bush have been open about their close friendship in the past. He has even claimed that she’s a huge fan of his “sense of humor.” Read on to see the sweet moment between these two and more photos of all the living former presidents and first ladies at the funeral service.

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