Georgia Couple Discovers $25,000 In Cold Hard Cash, Returns Money To Store Owner

By now, we’ve all heard the old saying, “finders keepers, losers weepers.” But one Georgia couple chose to take the high road when they came across a massive amount of cash. Instead of viewing the situation as a stroke of luck, one Georgia couple opted to return those funds to the rightful owner.

Now, the couple is being applauded by Facebook users all over the country after they made the noble decision to return a large amount of cash they’d discovered in a deposit bag – $25,000 to be exact. According to EurWeb, when Jeff and Michelle Green came across the deposit bag filled with cash, they reportedly didn’t think twice about keeping the money. They turned the funds over to the Rincon Police Department.

Ironically, the department had received a call about the lost deposit bag earlier that day. Store owner, local business owner Gautambhai Patel, had contacted the police department to report the missing bag of money he’d planned to deposit at the bank. Fortunately for Patel, it didn’t take long for the police department to return the bag to him.

To thank the couple for their honesty, the Rincon Police Department took to Facebook with details about the heartwarming incident. With a photo of Patel with Jeff and Michelle Green, the police department detailed what transpired.

“How about some GOOD news?!?” the police department’s Facebook post began. “Today, local business owner Gautambhai Patel reported having lost a deposit bag with nearly $25,000! Our office began investigating but hoped that whoever would find the bag would do the right thing and turn it in. Local residents Jeff and Mechelle Green are those amazing people! They recovered the bag and made sure it was returned to the rightful owner. We always encourage citizens to do the right thing both morally and legally! Thank you to the Green’s!”

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The Facebook post has gone viral with more than one hundred comments from people praising them for making the right decision. To many, the post is a reminder that everyone’s moral compass isn’t broken and there are still good people in the world. Of course, there were a few Facebook users who couldn’t resist admitting they didn’t know if they could have made the same noble decision. However, no one is likely more grateful than Patel. If the couple hadn’t returned the money his business could have suffered a tremendous loss.

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