Gina Carano is canceled by the Dark Side of double standards

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Disney was “looking for a reason to fire [Gina Carano] for two months, and today was the final straw,” The Hollywood Reporter noted this week. “The Mandalorian” star might as well have been drop-kicked to the bottom of the ocean on the planet Maldo Kreis after she annoyed Hollywood libs by joking about two points of Holy Liberal Orthodoxy.

One of these became dogma less than a year ago, the other a couple of years earlier. She mocked masking rules, and she made a joke about trans people (or rather, a joke about language standards: she listed her pronouns as beep/bop/boop, which proved that among the woke left, three nonsense syllables can cause surprising rage).

Carano was finally bippity-boppity-booted for suggesting her political opponents were like Nazis. On Instagram, Carano made a point about conservatives being disfavored: “most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Hollywood stars (and everyone else) should avoid comparing anything in contemporary America to the Holocaust. But given that approximately 44 percent of American political rhetoric these days consists of calling your opponents Nazis, the firing seemed puzzling — unless you grok the underlying standard. You can’t call liberals Nazis. Because when you call liberals Nazis, you’re either a) admitting that you think about Nazis, which kind of makes you a stealth Nazi; or b) trivializing the Holocaust.

Trivializing the Holocaust is fine as long as you’re doing so in the course of attacking anybody on the right, and we know this because the lead actor on “The Mandalorian” did so. In June of 2018, Pascal sent out a Tweet suggesting two things were alike: one image, captioned, “Germany, 1944” depicted Jews behind barbed wire. The second, captioned, “America, 2018,” was meant to suggest young accused illegal immigrants behind bars in America. (Actually, it was a 2010 picture of Palestinian kids awaiting meals at a soup kitchen).

Even if Pascal had used an actual picture of American 2018 detention facilities to make his point, these two situations are . . . not remotely alike. Breaking immigration laws will, as with most other crimes, lead to time behind bars. The Obama Administration jailed illegal immigrants and the Biden Administration does so. It’s a slap in the face to suggest to survivors of the Shoah that they were merely the equivalent of illegal immigrants being subjected to American criminal-justice protocols, with all of its protections for accused persons, rather than targeted for extermination in a lawless genocide.

What Gina Carano said was stupid, but a lot less stupid than what Pedro Pascal said. If we’re going to cancel everybody in Hollywood for stupidity, then we’d be deprived of the talents of Mark Ruffalo (9/11 truther), Kylie Jenner (chemtrail loon) and Whoopi Goldberg (moon landing was faked).

All of this earns shrugs in Hollywood. On the other hand, Sony Pictures chairman Amy Pascal was fired for making a Barack Obama joke in a private email. The message is pretty clear: Celebrities can say any crazy thing they want, but not about the ruling Democrats. These people fancy themselves the Rebel Alliance.

They’re a lot more like the Empire.

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