Girl, 14, died of horror burns trying to copy YouTuber’s dangerous popcorn in tin can cooking trick

A TEENAGER died of horror burns after apparently trying to copy a popular YouTuber’s bizarre cooking experiment.

The 14-year-old – named only as Zhezhe – and her 12-year-old friend were heating up popcorn in a tin can when it suddenly exploded.

They were allegedly copying a video in which 'Ms Yeah'  – who has seven million followers – shows fans how to cook using only a drinks tin.

The older girl later died from her injuries and the family of the other, named only as Xiaoyu, say she needed cosmetic surgery.

However, Ms Yeah has denied the girls were copying her video – saying they attempted a different method.

The Chinese star also insisted her highly-popular videos are not meant to be instructional.

Her representatives have since met the families of both girls and agreed to pay them an undisclosed amount, The Beijing News reports.

Ms Yeah will reportedly cover the 12-year-old's hospital bills, though it is unclear if any more compensation will be included.

One of Ms Yeah's representatives said they would provide financial assistance to the families "regardless of who was right and who was wrong".

Xiaoyu's father said his daughter had incurred high hospital bills, saying she "no longer dared to step out of the house" due to the burns.

The accident took place on 22 August when the girls decided to imitate a video by Ms Yeah in which she makes popcorn in a tin can.

The girls had reportedly been heating up alcohol directly inside the tin cans when it exploded.

According to reports, Zhezhe suffered burns on 96 per cent of her body and died two weeks later.

Xiaoyu was rushed to the hospital with severe burns to her face and arms.

Ms Yeah –  real name Zhou Xiao Hui – broke her silence on Weibo in September in a post captioned "The darkest day of my life".


The 25-year-old said news of the tragedy had caused her "immense pain" and she apologised and said she had "let her fans down".

Ms Yeah previously said of her unique cooking style: “I love the creative and unconventional way of cooking, which sometimes poses a challenge to come up with one.

“I work in a creative company, so we all get to do some ‘weird stuff’ in the office. I like delicious food, for which I could almost do anything.

“In the beginning, I just shot those videos for fun and showed them to my friends.

“They thought what I was doing in those videos was cool and fun so they suggested to post them online.

“That was how it happened. I find the whole thing quite fun too and I quite enjoy it myself.”

The YouTube star's other office-based culinary creations include beef slices with an iron, cotton candy with an electric drill and a birthday cake using a light bulb and a drawer.


She once said: “I should thank my boss for his tolerance in letting me do all this stuff. I have faced some problems.

“Sometimes my cooking failed and I had to do it again, while I did not have that much time to do it, as I still had loads of other work to do.

“Another problem is I cannot use fire in the office anymore after the first time or I might get another warning from the fire department.”

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