'Grade-A' schoolgirl, 15, who mugged Katherine Jenkins for her iPhone walks free from court

A "GRADE A" GCSE schoolgirl, 15, has walked free from court today after admitting stealing an iPhone from opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

The teen was charged with robbery and assault on a police officer after being arrested on King's Road, Chelsea, after Ms Jenkins bravely stepped into help an OAP.

The student, who cannot be named, appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court over the attack which began with her grabbing the pensioner's bag.

The court heard she snatched Ms Jenkin's phone fearing the first attack was being filmed, and has offered to apologise in person.

She was sentenced to a referral order and must now attend victim empathy sessions – after a judge said she would have served years in custody if she was over 18.

CCTV footage played to Highbury Magistrates' Court showed the singer running to help as the youth, from Barnet, accosted the elderly woman and grabbed her bag in front of terrified passers-by.

Robert Simpson, prosecuting, said: "Mrs Levitas [nee Jenkins] had a drink in one hand, she was also using a mobile phone.

"She saw the defendant involved in a struggle with another lady trying to take her bag and she intervened at that point.

"She was talking on the phone and she believes the defendant thought she was filming her.

"[The defendant] moved forward, took her phone and made off round the corner with it.

Katherine still managed to perform at the concert as she didn’t want to let the charity down.

"She was assisted by a member of the public and made a call to police.

"When they arrived they took her in their van and drove her in the direction the girls had gone.

"The two girls were identified, the telephone was recovered but at that point the screen had been broken and there had been a clumsy attempt to remove the SIM card."

Pictures from the scene showed a distraught-looking Katherine talking to cops, with her agent later claiming she had been mugged.

The star was on her way to a gig at nearby St Luke's Church – which she still managed to perform at.

A spokesman for the singer said Katherine had rushed over to help but was then attacked herself.

He added: “Miraculously, Katherine still managed to perform at the concert as she didn’t want to let the charity down.”


Sabrina Fitzgerald, defending, said: "She pleaded guilty at first available opportunity.

"She attended the area because she was with her friend who had a job interview at a hairdressers, so they set out with good intentions.

"The reason she took the phone was because she thought she had been filmed.

"She's very sorry, she's ashamed of her actions, she's already had the humiliation of the footage and says she has been recognised by people who know her even if it is pixelated.

"She's studying for her GCSEs and her mother tells me she's on course for A grades and has a talent for art.

"There are issues around peer pressure and poor decision-making skills."

Asked why she mugged the singer, the girl said: "There's no reason why I did it but I understand what I did was wrong."

Katherine has told in the past how she fought off a would-be rapist when she was just 17 years old.

The singer revealed she had been walking across a bridge near Paddington, London, when she was dragged down an alleyway.

Somehow she managed to get out of his grip and flee, with cops chillingly telling her they thought he was trying to rape her.

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