Great Ormond Street worker sues kids' hospital claiming colleagues branded her a 'stupid northerner' and 'white bitch'

A GREAT Ormond Street worker is suing the kids' hospital claiming she was branded a "stupid northerner" and "silly white bitch".

Catherine Maughan said she was was picked on by colleagues because she was a white Christian woman, an employment tribunal heard.

The 36-year-old, of Middlesbrough, Teesside, insists staff at the hospital told her not to drink after work because it would offend Muslims, kicked her in a lift, and subjected her to racial slurs and threatening behaviour.

The former data manager is claiming sex, race and religious discrimination against the world famous children's hospital.

Central London employment tribunal heard how Ms Maughan was so stressed her hair fell out, she was prescribed antidepressants and started counselling.

In a statement, she also claims she felt "extremely anxious, stressed, and worried for [her] safety" and alleges that a manager banged his fist on a desk and told her she "would be sorry" that she complained about him.

She also alleged that she was told to "accept that in black African culture, men are dominating towards women".

She also claimed they sabotaged her attempts to get another job by providing "misleading" references and is separately claiming that Great Ormond Street (GOSH) deprived her of wages.

A tribunal panel heard she kept a journal of the bullying which started on her first day in the job.


She had worked for the hospital for three years but transferred departments in July 2017.

Examples of entries, which note the dates and sometimes the times of day of incidents, were included in her witness statement presented to the judge.

She named several staff members of staff in her entries including colleagues Ayotunde Ojo, Margaret King, and Rebecca Eaton-Jones as well as her manager, Adeboye Ifederu.

She wrote: "On July 31 2018 Ayotunde Ojo told me that I "can't drink alcohol after work on Friday, it's against my religion and it would be offending Muslims."

In later entries she added: "On August 28 2018 Rebecca Eaton-Jones called me a 'f*****g silly bitch'.

"On September 4 2018 Margaret King called me a "silly white bitch.'

"On October 12 2018 Ayatunde Ojo called me 'a white Yorkshire girl'.

"On October 19 2018 Ayatunde Ojo asked me what my religious beliefs were because I was a 'white girl.'"


The statement later added: "Ayotunde told me that I need to accept that in black African culture men are dominating towards women."

She claimed Ayotunde called her a "silly white girl" and that he was surprised she had been a manager because she was "stupid and inexperienced.

She said he "slammed his first on her desk in anger" and told her that "she would be sorry about complaining about him."

She said she raised the issue multiple times with colleagues but eventually, in November 28, she made a formal complaint.

The worker said Adeboye commented about another employee, Marie-Anne Kelly, and called her "another stupid white Northerner like you.'"

The hospital denies all the allegations. The two-week tribunal continues.

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