Griffintown residents concerned after close call between pedestrian and driver

A recent video captured by a concerned Griffintown resident shows a pedestrian almost being struck by a van that appears to have rolled through a stop sign.

A verbal confrontation between the driver and the pedestrian can be seen afterward.

The video, which was posted on the Griffintown Spotted Facebook page, has thousands of view and shows several cars rolling stops at the corner of Notre-Dame Street and Richmond Avenue

Rachel Cloutier, who lives in the area, is worried when crossing the popular street.

 “I am concerned at every corner around here,” Cloutier said.

Cloutier says she sees a lot of drivers disobey the signage when she walks her son to daycare “when it’s rush hour that’s when everything gets chaotic.”

Martin Heroux agrees with Cloutier. He says on his daily walk to work he has had several near misses with drivers.

“I personally almost got hit like five times more or less and sometimes I’m with my daughter,” Heroux said. “I’m not a violent person but sometimes I get so angry.”

“It seems that some people don’t even care if they are going to hurt you or kill you.”

City officials say they haven’t heard of any issues with that particular intersection.

City councillor Craig Sauvé who saw the video says he will look into the issue. He says he has already spoken with city police and traffic engineers, who will survey the area.

While 30 new stop signs have been placed along Norte-Dame Street in the past year, Heroux hopes to see additional signs like flashing lights or speed bumps in the area to slow down drivers.

Sauvé agrees with those possible solutions.

“If there is a problem we can look for solutions like flashing stop signs , flashing reds or permanent lights,” Sauvé said.

“We just need to do the ground work to see what is needed here.”

A total of 24 pedestrians have been fatally struck in a collison with a vehicle on the island of Montreal so far in 2018.

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