Harrowing clip shows stab victim crying 'where am I?' and howling in pain as 15 medics battle to save his life

A HARROWING clip shows the moment a stab victim cries “where am I?” as 15 medics battle to save his life.

The young man howls in pain as blood squirts from his chest wound in Aintree Hospital’s major trauma centre, near Liverpool.

Doctors and nurses work furiously to treat his wounds while reassuring the patient: “It’s okay. Just relax” and “it’s alright mate, it’s alright”.

But with time ticking away, they sedate him before a scan reveals internal damage and a transfusion of eight units of blood follows.


The brutality of the attack meant the blade came into conctact with the patient’s heart – causing bleeding into its protective sac which is preventing the organ from beating properly.

He is rushed under blue lights to Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital for emergency open-heart surgery.

A doctor says: “I’m going to go across town in the back of an ambulance just in case something happens and we have to do anything in terms of draining and drawing the blood around his heart.

“Which I’m kind of praying we don’t have to do.”

The dramatic scenes unfold as part of the new season of BBC docu-series, Hospital.

The latest episode focuses on the impact of Britain’s devastating knife-crime epidemic on the NHS.

Last month Sun Online revealed that knife crime incidents had rocketed to record levels with 40 offences every day in the worst hit areas.

A probe found many regions of the UK have seen the number of gruesome incidents rise by more than 100 per cent over the past decade.

London remains by far the worst city in the country for knife-related crime.

In the last 12 months to September 2019, there were 15,080 incidents in the capital – nearly two an hour.

The West Midlands, West Yorkshire and the Thames Valley area are the next worst hit places in the UK – with the former seeing 5,280 offences over the past 12 months.

A doctor tells the BBC: “We’re a major trauma centre so we see a true reflection of what’s going on in society.

“And that, at the moment, is a huge rise in knife crime.

“Anything from 20 to 50 major cases per month.”

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