Harrowing moment schoolboy, 13, is hit by car after running into road to escape gang of female bullies

THIS is the moment a schoolboy was hit by a car after running into a road – apparently trying to escape a gang of female bullies.

Harrowing footage shows a group of schoolgirls appearing to punch and taunt the young lad – believed to be 13 – in Seixal, Portugal, last Thursday.

The video starts with one of the girls punching the lad on the shoulder, as the rest of the troop laughs on.

The boy can be heard crying while trying to escape, moments before one of the girls chases him across a road.

Someone can be heard saying "he is crying" and "this is bullying'", as someone films on, TVi24 reports.

As the taunting continues, the girls can be seen following the boy along the busy EN 10-2 promenade, in Vale da Romeira, Seixal.

The lad tries to get away again – this time desperately running into the oncoming traffic.

As he tries to cross, he is hit at speed by a car, leaving the girls screaming in shock.

According to the Diário do Distrito, a newspaper in Setúbal, the girls are pupils at the Basic School Dr. António Augusto Louro, in Arrentela, Seixal.

The paper reported that they did not help the boy, who suffered minor injuries, after the horror smash.

The boy's dad, José Lemos, told TVI's Two at Ten program that his son had injured his arm and is now recovering. 

He said he complained to the police and was referred to the Escola Segura program – a program that aims to ensure the safety of students around schools.

The National Directorate of the PSP said "it recorded the accident, having already identified all those involved" and said it was in "close collaboration with the school".

"The Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth (CPCJ) and the Public Prosecutor's Office were also informed of the event," the PSP said.

The Basic School Dr. António Augusto Louro denied having “knowledge of conflicts between these students”, when contacted by the Observer.

Its board of directors added that “having learned of the incident, the board has initiated the disciplinary procedure provided for by law”.

According to the school, the victim "has been attending classes since Monday and is in recovery". 

It also said "psychological support was made available to the students involved".

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