Harry and Meghan release another Netflix trailer waging war on Palace

Harry and Meghan release yet another Netflix trailer for their show waging war on the Palace ahead of new ‘volume’ of three episodes dropping TOMORROW

Meghan Markle today openly accused the Royal Family of leaking stories about her to the press in their latest Netflix trailer.

In another attack on her husband’s family, the Duchess of Sussex says there was a conspiracy to attack her to protect other royals while her British lawyer Jenny Afia said there was a ‘war against Meghan’ over footage of Buckingham Palace.

She said: ‘You would see it play out.  A story about someone in the family would pop up for a minute, and they’d go: ‘”We’ve got to make that go away”.’

Meghan Markle has declared war on the Royal Family in the latest Netflix trailer for the final three episodes of the Sussexes’ docu-series out tomorrow

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