Heathrow’s new third runway will go over an M25 tunnel

Heathrow’s new third runway could go OVER the M25: Airport proposes putting Britain’s busiest motorway through a tunnel and landing hulking jets while 12 lanes of traffic passes underneath

  • Consultation on Heathrow’s third runway will open to the public on Tuesday and will last for three months
  • Designers want to sink the M25 by seven metres and put the runway overhead as part of the £14bn project
  • Tory party leadership front runner Boris Johnson is opposed to the plan which could threaten the project 
  • Some 800 houses face demolition if planners give the runway a green light 

Heathrow Airport will begin consultation on a dramatic plan to build its third runway over the M25 on Tuesday morning. 

The public consultation will last for 12-and-a-half weeks and the submissions could influence the final design of the project. 

The airport has successfully defeated a legal challenge seeking to block the ambitious plan. 

Heathrow Airport’s third runway, pictured left, will pass over the M25 motorway according to architects plans which will form part of a public consultation on the project which will begin on Tuesday

The airport has released a number of artist’s impressions of what the new facility will look like

The airport’s Executive Director for Expansion, Emma Gilthorpe said: ‘Heathrow’s expansion is a project of huge national and local significance, and it is critical to our country’s economic growth. An expanded hub airport will allow the country to access more of the world, create thousands of jobs locally and nationally and it will open up new trading routes. 

‘But we can’t deliver these plans alone. We urge everyone to have their say in this consultation, to shape our plans, and to help us deliver expansion in the fairest and most sustainable way.’ 

Sections between the runway and taxiways crossing the motorway will be opened up to improve visibility and ventilation for road users. 

Designers have had to assure Highways England that aircraft using the runway will not distract motorists or possibly damage the tunnel – which will be used by tens of thousands of cars a day. 

The massive project is expected to cost £14 billion, although Boris Johnson, who is the bookies’ favourite to replace Theresa May in Downing Street is opposed to the plan. 

The project will see the M25 motorway lowered by seven metres at the point where the runway will pass over head.    

Local residents will also be consulted on three options for the new runway and what the terminal infrastructure should be. 

However, as well as Mr Johnson, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is opposed to the third runway project which hill see an estimated 800 homes demolished. 

According to The Times, the new runway will allow further extensions of Terminal 5 and Terminal 2. It will also include a satellite terminal – known as T5X – next to the runway. 

It is understood, the project will see a pair of massive new car parks and an underground transit system for linking the parts of the airport. 

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