Hoax video ‘altered to make Nancy Pelosi look drunk’ is STILL on Facebook despite fact-checkers deeming it ‘false’

A VIDEO of Nancy Pelosi that was doctored to make the House speaker appear drunk is still on Facebook, despite third-party fact-checkers flagging it as false.

The clip features footage from a C-SPAN interview that has been slowed down and cut to make it appear the Pelosi was impaired.

Actual footage of the event shows the speaker had no issues answering questions and was behaving normally.

The doctored footage began circulating on Facebook on Thursday, according to the Guardian.

A website called Lead Stories, a Facebook partner that does independent fact-checking for the site, concluded Sunday that the video was "digitally slowed down to make it appear as if Pelosi was intoxicated."

Facebook then put a "partly false" label on the video, which had already been shared nearly 80,000 times, but has yet to actually remove the misleading content.

This is the second doctored video that attempts to paint Pelosi as intoxicated to go viral. The first one came in May 2019, according to CBS, and prompted Facebook to take "a number of key steps" to ensure false videos – or "deepfakes" – aren't widely spread on the platform.

The security measures added at the time included using third-party fact-checkers and updating policy to make it clear which media would be subject to removal.

A spokesperson for Facebook told CBS that a doctored video would only be removed if it were edited in a way that "would likely mislead someone into thinking that a subject of the video said words that they did not actually say."

In the case of the Pelosi video, the doctored footage received the lesser manipulated media punishment.

"When a video is determined false, its distribution is dramatically reduced and people who see it, try to share it, or have already shared it, see warnings alerting them that it's false," the spokesperson said.

Facebook has been under increased scrutiny for their refusal to remove certain content, even after it's been deemed false.

When the first doctored video of Pelosi appeared in 2019, she slammed the company for choosing to add factchecking labels rather than remove false information.

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