Home Depot ‘bomb threat’ was actually customer warning he’s about to poop

A Home Depot customer’s “polite warning” that the end of days was imminent — announcing to others that he was about to go poop in the washroom — was mistaken for a bomb threat in Wichita.

Wichita Police Department police were called to a Home Depot on Monday afternoon for a reported bomb threat.

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“We just had a customer here make what may have been a bomb threat,” a man told the 911 dispatcher in released audio of the call. “He said, uh, somebody told me there’s a bomb in here and you need to leave the building. He said it three times.”

Police responded to the home reno store and learned the threat came from someone in the store’s restroom. An employee told the responding officers he was “standing at the urinal” when another gentleman came out of a stall and said “Somebody told me there’s a bomb in the building, you need to leave the building,” the Wichita Eagle reported.

According to the newspaper, a store clerk recognized the man because he’s a “regular customer” and gave the man’s name to police. Officers contacted the man and he explained to the cops “that he had no intention of causing such alarm, and that the comment he said … was meant to be funny.”

Turns out the man was also in the washroom when at some point another gentleman gave the warning, “You all need to get out of here because I’m fixin’ to blow it up,” a comment he got the gist of, understanding the man “was in a serious need to defecate, and that he was attempting to provide a polite warning to the other patrons of the bathroom.”

The “regular customer” told police he gave the warning to the employee in the washroom, meaning it to be a joke but said he didn’t know the “men’s bathroom humor … was taken so seriously,” the Eagle reported.

No charges were laid. Perhaps next time a courtesy flush will suffice.

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