Homeowners furious as 600ft-wide soil mountain as tall as a HOUSE appears blocking their views of countryside and sunlight

Locals say the "size of a house" heap of soil was left by workers building a Mercedes truck service centre in Lower Darwen, Lancashire.

Many, who describe the pile as "intrusive" and "ugly", have have lodged complaints to the council but say their protests have been ignored.

They say the mud mound is blocking sunlight, hindering views and causing damage to their gardens.


Homeowner Terry Davies, who's house backs on to the building site, described the mound as an "eyesore".

The 52-year-old truck driver said: "I recently paid £15,000 for a conservatory to enjoy the views out back but all I can see now is a big pile of mud.

"Before we had lovely views of the countryside.

We are all up in arms

"I feel like this will really devalue the properties in the area.

"Nobody who I have spoken to is happy, we're all up in arms."

"I have written to and rung the council but no one is getting back to me, we've been left in the dark."

Mr Davies said the work begun on December 14 and that since then the mound of soil had gradually got bigger.


It now stands 25ft – the same height as the houses around it – and measures around 600ft long.

Another resident, 77-year-old Ray Winstanley, has lived on the road for 20 years but didn't see the signs that went up before work began.

He said: "It looks like Donald Trump's Mexican wall has come to Lower Darwen. It's huge.

"It's awful, they did not tell us they were going to be putting this there.

"I'm really concerned about the rain run off, the water is going to run from the top of the mound and into my garden."

It looks like Donald Trump's Mexican wall has come to Lower Darwen

Karen Mercer, who has also lived in the area for 20 years, said: "It's a massive eyesore.

"The diggers have been there since before Christmas working on the site but this has only just appeared.

"Why did they build it so high?"

Blackburn South and Lower Darwen ward Cllr John Slater said: "I and my fellow ward councillors are aware of this and very concerned about it.

"The amount of earth that has been pushed up near the residents homes seems excessive.

"We have been in touch with the council planning department and enforcement team about this issue."

Blackburn with Darwen Council commented to say that they're aware of the resident's concern.

Cllr Phil Riley, executive member for regeneration and growth, said: "We will look into this.

"As always where planning permission is granted for a scheme, the council seeks to ensure that any conditions attached to it are observed."

Ciceley Commercials Ltd, which is carrying out the construction work, declined to comment.




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