Horrifying moment zookeeper has arm ripped apart by a lion in front of screaming visitors during feeding time – The Sun

A ZOOKEEPER was savaged by a lion through the bars of its enclosure during feeding time at a zoo in Pakistan.

Kannu Piraditta was feeding the big cat with raw meat at the Karachi Zoological Gardens in Karachi, Sindh, on Monday.

Piraditta had been throwing meat to the white lion, who shared the enclosure with a lioness, when the animal attacked. 

The zookeeper howled in pain in front of horrified park visitors. 

Other employees reportedly witnessed the gruesome mishap yet did not bother to intervene to save their colleague. 

The worker battled to break free for more than 40 seconds before the animal finally let go.

Piraditta was left with a stream of blood pouring from his arm as bystanders screamed and shouted around him. 

He was rushed to the Civil Hospital Karachi where he is said to be in a stable condition. 

Zoo director Qamar Ayub told Pakistan newspaper Dawn: "Our staff member was provided immediate treatment and he's stable now.

"It's an unfortunate incident and we have all sympathy with the zookeeper.

"We are providing the best possible treatment to him and hope that he would be back home in two to three days."

It is claimed that the zookeeper had violated the zoo's rules for feeding the lions and had approached the animals from the wrong end of the enclosure.

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