'Human Satan' CHOPS OFF a finger, gets canine teeth and has creepy tattoos to look more alien

A TATTOO-MAD man dubbed the "Human Satan" has chopped off one of his fingers to make himself look more like an alien.

Brazilian ink addict Michel Faro do Prado, 45, has also had a new creepy tattoo inked on his leg in honour of French influencer "Black Alien" to complete his devil-like image.

The tattoo artist, from São Paulo, has undergone numerous body modifications, dozens of tattoos and piercings, and even customised his teeth.

Michel enlisted a dentist to shape his teeth into canine-inspired arches, which he has coated entirely in metal.

Other hellish modifications include "horns" implanted in his forehead and the removal of part of his nose and ears.

Most of his body is covered in tattoos – including his eyeballs.

Michel reportedly spent eight hours in the tattoo clinic getting the large image of French star Anthony Loffredo inked on his leg.

Known online as "Diabao", Michel said the image was a Christmas gift from tattoo artist Yunizo Tatoo.

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The body modification enthusiast , who lives with wife Carol Praddo – better known as "Demon Woman" – said he considers Anthony a big influence on his devilish look.

The "Black Alien" recently had surgery to have two fingers chopped off to make his left hand appear more extraterrestrial – so Michel promptly followed suit.

The body-modification addict, who boasts 105,000 followers on Instagram, told G1: "For me, Black Alien’s attitude towards searching for his dream look is something I identify a lot with.

"He is someone who has influenced me a lot in this regard. I identified with his style, I saw that was what I wanted to do, too.

"His search for what he wants is a huge influence and always encourages me, that is why I wanted to pay this tribute to him."

"Human Satan" and "Demon Woman" have been together for around 10 years and started making the extreme changes to their bodies about four years ago.

The idea is for Michel to become his wife’s masterpiece, as she specialises in body modifications and has helped him achieve his look.


Michel claims to have a high pain tolerance and isn’t put-off by the thought of enduring even more pain to achieve his dream devil body.

He said he often receives stares from people in public and is well-known in his town – but he takes pride in his nickname of the "Human Satan".

After more than 60 procedures, Michel has around 85 per cent of his body covered in ink and plans to win the Guinness World Record for the planet's most modified man.

And despite his devilish appearance and wanting to look as "sinister" as possible, Michel recently admitted he actually worships God and is an active member of his church community.

Michel previously said his family and friends have always supported him in his quest to look like the devil.

He said: "My family love it, which consists of my wife and my son and some people in my life have also become my family.

"However, it doesn’t really matter to me what people say, I only demand respect."

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