Icelandic beauty queen tells all about THAT night with England stars

Icelandic beauty queen reveals all about THAT night with England stars Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood as new video emerges of Manchester United striker inhaling hippy crack

  • Pictures show Greenwood inhaling nitrous oxide weeks before England call-up
  • It comes as an Icelandic beauty queen, 20, told all about their night together
  • Greenwood, 18, has apologised after he was sent home early from England duty

An Icelandic beauty queen has revealed how she got ‘heated’ with England football star Mason Greenwood after he polished off a bag of jelly babies – as a new video has emerged of the Manchester United striker inhaling hippy crack.

Nadia Gunnsarsdottir, 20, said the pair met a day after the 18-year-old made his England debut in Reykjavik – having matched on a dating app.

Greenwood, 18, and Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden, 20, were sent home from the England senior team for breaking strict COVID-19 protocols to invite Icelandic girls back to their hotel after making their senior Three Lions debuts. 

Both players apologised – only for Greenwood to issue a second apology after The Sun shared pictures of him appearing to inhale a balloon filled with nitrous oxide – also known as hippy crack. 

Mason Greenwood has apologised for a second time after picture surfaced of him appearing to inhale balloons filled with nitrous oxide. The 18-year-old was sent home from England duty early this month after inviting an Icelandic beauty queen back to the team’s hotel

In a statement via Manchester United, he reportedly said: ‘I strongly urge others not to follow my example.

‘As an 18 year old I am learning all the time. However this week I’ve also learned that I will be judged to a higher standard because of my career, and I must respect that in future.

‘I am determined to repay the faith shown in me by my manager and coaches.’ 

His apology came as Nadia Gunnarsdottir told the same paper about the night she spent with the teenage football star, while her cousin, Lara Clausen, 19, romped with Foden next door at the Radisson Blu Saga hotel in Iceland. 

Icelandic beauty queen Nadia Gunnarsdottir said things got heated with the ‘shy’ England and Manchester United striker moments after he eat an entire pack of jelly babies

Nadia told The Sun how the players asked her cousin to bring sweets to their hotel room. 

She claimed staff had thrown out two other girls for trying to meet players. 

It’s claimed she did not know who the Manchester United forward was when he contacted her on a dating app on September 5 – hours after  he played as a s substitute during England’s 1-0 over Iceland in the Nations League. 

The pair continued to speak the next day, when Greenwood it was his last night in Iceland and he could not leave the hotel. 

She booked herself a room at the hotel, and when Greenwood went to her hotel room, he was joined by Foden, who has a child with Rebecca Cooke.

When Greenwood asked if she had a friend, Nadia asked her cousin to return, mentioning the player’s request to bring sweets along too.

Icelandic beauty queen Nadia said Foden never mentioned his daughter or a partner. 

Greenwood reportedly turned up at Nadia’s hotel room with Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden, 20

Nadia told the paper: ‘We all chilled together. Mason ate virtually the whole packet of Tritlar and Phil had some too.

‘We all got along and were in my room just chatting, laughing and joking. Phil was open and outgoing but Mason was quite shy.

She said things got heated after she kissed Mason, adding: ‘He was certainly not as shy physically as he was socially.’

Both players apparently complained about Iceland, saying they found it boring, while Foden reportedly held a mock-interview on his phone asking the women what it’s like to live on the Scandinavian island.  

Nadia called her cousin, Lara Clausen, 19, after Greenwood asked if she a friend to spend the night with Foden

Both players returned to their floor at around 3am, while Foden kissed both girls as he left, Nadia claims Mason left with a simple ‘bye’.

She claims her and her cousin were awoken at 6am by England’s Head of security, a Covid-19 officer and a security guard at hotel, storming into their room looking for the players. 

Mentioning she felt sorry for the players, Nadia said she and her cousin were irresponsible, as were the two young England stars. 

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