Impatient Mazda driver ‘floors it’ past Learner and crashes

Who needs the driving lessons? Impatient Mazda driver ‘floors it’ past Learner, spins off the wet road and smashes into a cable box

  • Dash cam footage captured the scene in Stoke where a sports car lost control
  • The silver Mazda had attempted to take over a learner driver in a Toyota
  • Its rear end then spun as it took the corner too fast and collided with a wall 
  • Incident left learner driver ‘shook up’ after brush with male driver in  his ’60s’  

This is the shocking moment a sports car overtakes a learner driver at speed before losing control a crashing on a wet road.

Dash cam footage captured the scene in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, where the silver Mazda MX5 accelerated past the learner driver in the dark Toyota after being stuck behind it.  

The silver car spins out of control and its rear end smacks into an cable box on Elenora Road after shooting round the bend of Liverpool Road on a slippery surface.

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The crashed car then goes completely static as a man is seen sprinting across the road to aid the driver who a witness said was unhurt, except for his ‘pride’.  

The incident happened on Tuesday at around 12:40pm on Liverpool Road which was thankfully otherwise empty at the time.   

Ant Brown, 44, a Key Account Manager from Birmingham recorded the scene on his dash cam.

The Mazda ended up hitting a metal cable box after its rear end span out as the car took corner

He said: ‘Wed been stuck behind the Learner for a while doing the speed limit or below, and when it became 2 lanes the MX5 decided to drop a gear and floor it – guess he forgot about the rear wheel drive and the greasy road.’

Ant added that no one was seriously injured at the scene.  

The silver Mazda had been attempting to take over the learner driver in the dark Toyota

‘Luckily no-one was hurt – apart from someone’s pride and Stoke’s Internet connection!! What went through my mind? ‘At last, I’ve had a dashcam for 2 years and finally caught something other than Road Rage,’ he said. 

Ant added that up until that point the driver of the Mazda had been relatively patient but then got ‘a bit carried away with the acceleration’. 

The 44-year-old also said that the learner driver, a young female, was ‘very shook up’ by the incident.  

‘I went to check on him after pulling over and surprised to see a 60+ gent driving and looking a bit embarrassed. He wanted to go but both tyres were blown, so stopped the traffic for him to turn round and park up in the car park just after. 

‘He was trying to pump up his tyres and leave but not sure he managed to, I had to get to a meeting and left my details with security and MX5 owner to contact if needed,’ added Ant.




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