Incredible photos of trident-wielding surfers on Lake Superior

Cold man of the sea: Incredible photos of trident-wielding frozen surfers catching waves during polar vortex in Michigan

A pair of determined surfers in Michigan didn’t let sub-zero temperatures prevent them from practicing their sport – as they were photographed cruising Lake Superior during the polar vortex last week.

Incredible scenes captured by Marquette-based nature photographer Devon Hains show Allen Finau and Daniel Schetter wielding tridents as they trek through the frigid lake while sporting frozen hair and beards.

Hains captured his friends during two separate shoots last Sunday and Wednesday when temperatures were below zero and a wind chill stooped to -30.

The photographer said in a statement seen on M Live the men are known to surf in freezing temperatures.

‘Some of the best waves in Lake Superior come with the winter snow and ice,’ Hains said.

‘So, after trying to get some waves on Sunday, but struggling with ice buildup on the surf boards, they decided to get out their tridents and we shot that with the waves for a while.  

‘I think all Lake Superior surfers have a certain element to their personality many other people would call crazy… makes them excellent subjects to point a camera at.’ 

Finau and Schetter said the Aquaman-like tridents help them make their way around the frozen lake efficiently. 

Hains warned others to be cautious surfing in frigid temperatures – adding that the wet suits are designed for the extreme cold.  

Hains kept warm on the job last week by wearing a face mask, beanie, three thermals under his jeans and snow pants.

He also wore a sweatshirt, heavy coat and gloves. He said his eyebrows, however, froze during the outing.

Schetter frequently posts dramatic photos of himself outdoors on Facebook and describes himself in his bio as a avid surfer and gardener.

Finau has also appeared in several unique photo shoots sporting an afro and long beard.

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