Insane optical illusion of a ‘mutant goat’ is actually a cute dog looking up at the sky – The Sun

A CONFUSING photo of a mystery mutant animal is going viral but it is actually just a cute pooch.

In the photo an animal which has been compared to a “deformed goat” appears to be lying on the floor.

But what appears to be a mutant mouth is actually just a dog’s ear.

The confusing image has baffled many people online, such as Jerecosta7, who wrote: “I thought it was a cow with a malformation.”

While another user wrote: “I thought it was a “deformed goat”.

Another person wrote: “I thought it was a horse haha.”

One simply commented: “My head exploded.”

This isn’t the first confusing photograph of a dog to hit the internet.

One person shared an eerie photograph of a dog which looked as though it had been chopped in half.

Another amused person photographed two dogs stood so close, they appeared to be look like a bizarre two-headed hybrid.

These pictures are almost as baffling as one of the most famous optical illusions, my wife or mother-in-law.

Viewers can see a young woman facing away, or an older, hook-nosed woman facing leftwards.

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