Inside luxury doomsday bunkers where world’s richest hope to survive apocalypse

Chilling footage captures detailed plans to turn hundreds of disused Army bunkers into the largest survival shelter community on Earth.

More than 5,000 people will be able to take cover at Vivos xPoint, near the Black Hills in South Dakota, US, during apocalypses and other disasters.

But they’ve been priced at a staggering $35,000 (£27,000) each upfront, and then a further annual rent of $1,000 (£790).

The clip shows how the former Army Munitions Depot, which used to store bombs for 25 years, are being transformed.

Water is pumped up from two wells and being stored within massive underground, reinforced-concrete tanks.

Onsite amenities will include, a general store, a members-only restaurant and bar, barbeque areas, a community theatre, hot tub spa, gym and medical clinic.

Each of the bunkers should accommodate up to 24 people and can be customised to tailor the buyer’s needs.

And the bunkers are buried and protected under thick berms of earth.

Vivos xPoint’s designers say cars, artwork, wine collections, heirlooms and even animals can be stored in the shelters.

The clip has been shared on social media to mixed reviews.

"Desperate to survive at all costs… even though there wouldn’t be s*** worth living for," wrote one Facebook user.

"Just get the most out of life while you have it, fixating on prolonging your life is probably the most effective way of wasting it," she added.

One man posted: "When your clothes and shoes, electrical gear & amenities, kitchen appliances, batteries, transportation, fuel, food, runs out and breaks down what then?"

And another wrote: "I would love to pay a fortune to live in submarine like conditions and eat c-rations and powdered eggs for what could be eternity.

"It looks like the one thing they have going for them is that they are preconditioning themselves for what a nuclear hellscape might look like."

An apocalypse is the total destruction of the world, a term which came from the biblical book of Revelation.

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