ISIS bride Shamima Begum ‘may be targeted by Islamist and far-right extremists’

ISIS bride Shamima Begum could be targeted by Islamist and far-right extremists, a top former police chief has warned.

It comes as the pregnant teen is begging to come back to Britain so her child could be looked after properly once it is born.

Her first two children died from illness and malnutrition and she is now "overprotective" of her unborn child she is expecting, she told the Times .

But Sir Peter Fahy, a former chief constable of Greater Manchester police, said her return could pose an "enormous challenge".

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The biggest challenge if she did come back will be how the police will keep her safe and how she wouldn’t be some sort of lightning rod for both Islamic and far-right extremists.

“If she still holds those views, that’s clearly going to be an enormous challenge and you can understand why the government is not particularly interested in facilitating her return.”

Security Minister Ben Wallace has also voiced his concerns about Shamima returning.

He said: “This is a terrorist group, one of the worst ever in the world, that butchers people and has been responsible for the deaths of dozens of British citizens.”

He added to Sky News: “There’s no shortage of media about what it is like in the caliphate, what it has been like living under Isis, what Isis is about.

“People know what they’re getting into. No doubt the public will be asking, ‘Ok, so now people want to come back to a country they apparently hate’.”

Shamima, from Bethnal Green, disappeared with pals Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase, in 2015.

The trio flew from Gatwick Airport to Turkey after telling their parents they were going out for the day.

She was this week tracked down in a refugee camp in Northern Syria by Times’ journalist Anthony Loyd where she said: "All I want to do is come back to Britain."

She is due to give birth "any day now" and says she wants to come back to Britain as she "knows the baby will be taken care of".

Shamima has also admitted she "understands why people in this country are angry and don’t want her back" – as well as saying she does not regret her decision – despite seeing a "beheaded head in the bin".

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