Ivy League ‘dad killer’ kicked out of his own trial

A Manhattan judge booted accused daddy killer Tommy Gilbert Jr. from his own murder trial after a lengthy outburst directed toward the jury Monday morning.

During testimony from NYPD Detective Darryl Ng about how the police handle emotionally disturbed persons, Gilbert exclaimed, “Objection!”

The mentally unraveling Princeton grad then stared at the panel intently and blurted, “I’d like to ask to suppress the evidence,” followed by a series of unintelligible legal phrases.

“Thank you, your application is denied,” replied an annoyed Justice Melissa Jackson, who excused the jury for a break, then ordered Gilbert’s removal from the courtroom.

Three court officers had to drag the disheveled defendant, wearing a white button-down shirt and black slacks, into a holding cell as he railed against “constitutional court misconduct as well as prosecutorial misconduct.”

It was the fourth day of testimony at Gilbert’s trial, and he has peppered the proceedings with more than two dozen outbursts. The judge previously warned him to keep quiet.

His defense lawyer, Arnold Levine, asked the judge for a competency exam. Levine said his client’s mother, Shelley Gilbert, had visited him over the weekend in jail, where he ranted about Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. “He’s the worst she’s ever seen him,” the lawyer said.

Jackson denied the request but said she’d give Gilbert one last chance and let him back in to attend his own trial.

“I don’t want any more outbursts in the courtroom whether to the jury, to myself, to the prosecutor or to the witnesses,” she scolded. Gilbert nodded in response.

Prosecutor Craig Ortner has argued that Gilbert is a spoiled rich kid who fatally shot his millionaire dad, Thomas Gilbert Sr., after the father slashed the son’s weekly allowance by $100.

But the defense has countered that Gilbert, who suffers from schizophrenia, was in the throes of a psychotic break when he showed up at his father’s tony Beekman Place pad with a .40-caliber Glock and blasted him in the head.

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