Jodie Chesney's killer was thrown out of home for beating up MOTHER

Revealed: Jodie Chesney’s killer, 19, was thrown out of home for beating up his own MOTHER and sold ‘Pineapple Express’ cannabis as ‘county lines’ drug dealer – as it emerges sidekick, 17, assaulted shopkeeper in gang attack

  • Two teenagers were yesterday found guilty of murdering scout Jodie Chesney
  • Prosecutors said she was caught up in chaos unleashed by violent drugs gangs
  • One of her killers was county lines gang member who had attacked his mother
  • Another didn’t know his father and had been involved in knife robbery 

Jodie Chesney’s killer Svenson Ong-a-Kwie became a drug runner and 16 and was kicked out of his home for 

One of Jodie Chesney’s killers was thrown out of the family home for attacking his own mother while another took party in an armed gang attack on a shopkeeper.

Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, 19, and his ‘drug runner’ sidekick were yesterday convicted of murdering the girl scout at a park in east London.

Prosecutors said Jodie was the innocent victim in the stabbings and attacks frequently meted out by the ultra-violent youths who deal drugs in the capital.

An examination of the two killers’ backgrounds shows the chaotic childhoods and escalating criminality of their lives before the murder.

Powerfully-built Ong-a-Kwie had once excelled at Latin at Hornchurch High School in East London, but told the court he was ‘trafficked’ to work as a runner for a ‘county lines’ drug gang at only 16.

After being caught red-handed with class A drugs, the light-heavyweight boxer was given a second chance, but instead redoubled his efforts to become a dealer.

He has originally been a customer of his co-defendant Manuel Petrovic, but clocked up convictions for being involved in the supply of cocaine, possession of Class A and Class B drugs and handling stolen goods.

After teaming up, the pair bombarded their customers, who numbered up to 1,000, with daily offers on small amounts of cocaine and strains of cannabis such as one called ‘Pineapple Express’.

Girl scout Jodie Chesney, who was murdered in an east London park in March this year. Her two killers were found guilty of murder yesterday

Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, pictured (left) in a social media photo and (right) on CCTV before the killing, is a drug dealer who is thought to have wanted to settle a score with a rival

Ong-a-Kwie, whose mother is from Suriname in South America and whose father is Belgian, revelled in his ‘tough guy’ image, using social media to publicly feud with rivals coming onto his turf in Romford, East London.

He beat his mother until she threw him out onto the streets, the court heard.

‘Definitely gonna f*** s*** up for these YG’s [young guns] down [in the postcode area of] RM3,’ he previously wrote on Twitter over an apparent territorial spat.

CCTV played to jurors also showed him hopping off the back of a motorbike and attacking a rival in an incident in which a teenager was stabbed.

Ong-a-Kwie, who has four sisters and whose mother is studying to be a counsellor, claimed he tried to remain polite and ‘schmooze’ his customers, or ‘lines’.

‘Everyone does their lines differently. I try to make it like they like me. A lot of people cannot pronounce Svenson, a lot of people say Spencer,’ he said.

Jodie, pictured with her dog and before her school prom in photos released by her family

When police arrived to arrest him he fled out of a first floor window, only to plunge through a conservatory roof, saying: ‘Murder? I ain’t done a murder.’

He admitted to a life of crime and even to burning his clothes in the aftermath of the murder, but ranted at jurors: ‘The one thing I am not taking responsibility of murdering Jodie Chesney. I have nothing to do with it.’

But jurors easily saw through his lies.

Meanwhile Ong-a-Kwie’s 17-year-old sidekick told the Old Bailey he did not know his date of birth or the identity of his father.

He spent his early teenage years being moved from one foster family to another.

By the time of Jodie’s death, he had been rehoused four times, often disobeying social services to sneak home and visit his mother, who suffers from mental health problems.

Police at the park where Jodie was suddenly knifed by the drug dealer as she chatted to friends

He left school with no qualifications before being introduced to Ong-a-Kwie. The boy said he was more interested in stealing mopeds than dealing drugs, but it emerged during the trial he was part of a gang who stabbed a shopkeeper on December 15 2016.

Trial Judge Wendy Joseph said of the attack: ‘[He] was party to an attack on a shopkeeper in which a blade was used by another and actual bodily harm was caused.’ In July 2017 he was also caught carrying a kitchen knife. And when he was arrested on March 10, police found a large ‘Rambo’ style knife in a rucksack, which he was trying to get rid of.

Officers had to talk him down off a garage roof before they could bring him into custody.

Giving evidence, he said he was in the park at the time Onga-Kwie stabbed Jodie in the back, having assumed his friend was just carrying out a routine drug drop.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is also facing possible charges over the possession of a stun gun.


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