Kidnapped woman rescued after leaving secret notes pleading for help in restrooms across Pennsylvania

A KIDNAPPED woman who thought she was going to die was saved after she left a series of distressing notes on multiple Pennsylvania public restroom mirrors. 

One of the woman’s desperate pleas for help read: “If I don't make it tell my family I love them.”

Corey Brewer, 38, was brought into custody by SWAT Team officers and hit with charges of holding his ex-girlfriend captive while also sexually and physically abusing her. 

On July 8, authorities were able to pick up his trail after his victim left her first note on a mirror inside of a Walmart bathroom in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. 

In it, the woman claimed she was being held at knifepoint by Brewer, who was allegedly forcing himself on her sexually and physically assaulting her, according to WPXI.

She also detailed the car make that Brewer was driving as well as supplied his home address. 

The woman stressed she wasn’t joking, according to the outlet, citing court documents. 

Walmart staffers passed the note along to Scott Township Police. 

A unit attempted to approach the home and when they knocked on the home address door the woman disclosed in the note, nobody answered. 

But the officers could hear furniture being shuffled around inside.

The police called Brewer on the phone and when they demanded to speak to the missing woman, he refused to oblige or take the call off speakerphone function, according to WPXI.

Instead, Brewer allegedly concocted a tale that he and the woman were vacationing in New York and nowhere near the Pennsylvania home. 

The woman even appeared to play along – claiming Brewer was her boyfriend. 

Then on July 10, the woman’s left another note on a mirror.

This time someone found it in the woman’s restroom at Fallingwater Museum in Mill Run. 

Cops pored over surveillance footage which showed the woman and Brewer passing through the landmark building designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

The second note left by the woman urged whoever found it to call 911.

She wrote that she had been held prisoner since May 1 and that while she pretended on the phone with the cops, she was actually not on vacation with her boyfriend. 

The visit paid by cops allegedly didn’t cause Brewer to restrain. 

In fact, the woman claimed that after they came to his property in search of her, “the abuse hasn't stopped, and please don't give up,” according to the Daily Mail citing the criminal complaint.

Armed with a search warrant, a Scott Township Police SWAT team revisited Brewer's home early Sunday morning and quickly brought the alleged kidnapper out in handcuffs. 

The woman confided later that Brewer had allegedly confiscated her mobile phone and started sexually and physically assaulting her and that if she tried to flee he threatened to kill her and her children, KJTV reported.

Brewer also allegedly snapped nude pictures of the woman without her consent and she told cops he sliced her foot with his knife and several sections of her hair were missing.

State troopers reached out to the victim’s ex-boyfriend, who informed them he hadn’t seen the woman since April and was already attempting to report her missing. 

Brewer faces a series of charges including deviate sexual intercourse, strangulation, sexual assault, terroristic threats and unlawful restraint.

He was released on a $500 bond, according to KJTV.

The woman and Brewer were romantically involved at one point but when it ended, the woman filed an order of protection citing abuse last August, the outlet reported. 

That order of protection allegedly expired a month later.

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