Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin exchange swords as dueling gifts

The historic summit between Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and North Korean despot Kim Jong Un featured some saber-rattling – as the two leaders exchanged dueling gifts of long knives.

Kim presented Putin a traditional Korean sword, while the Russian leader gave the diminutive dictator a saber, as well as a tea set suitable for use on his armored train.

“When modern weapons did not exist, they used such swords,” Russian state media cited Kim as telling Putin. “They embody strength, my soul and our people who support you.”

Putin thanked Kim for the sharp gift, but noted that in Russia, according to a popular belief, giving weapons as presents is frowned upon.

Putin then handed a coin to Kim to symbolically “buy” the sword from him, according to Pravda.

The pair then toasted each other.

“I propose a toast to the further strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, to the well-being of the peoples of our countries, and to the health of comrade Chairman Kim Jong Un and all those present here today,” Putin said, raising a glass of white wine with Kim.

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