Lad accused of cheating on girlfriend in burger chain's Valentine's Day competition – but 'lover' turns out to be pal

Adam-Zeev Nussbaum had entered Burger & Beyond’s romantic February 14 competition on Instagram but was left panicked when the London eatery shared his and his “secret girlfriend’s” names on social media.

The restaurant had announced the competition two days ago, saying they wanted to give "some love back" after opening.

Bosses said: "We are giving one couple a Valentine's Day lunch on us THIS THURSDAY… all you need to do to enter is like, share the post in a store and tag the lucky person you want to bring with you!"

And announcing the winners, the restaurant shared a message on Instagram, saying: "Valentine's Competition winners… please DM for details" – tagging the lucky couple.

But Adam quickly replied to the message, saying: "Please delete the story. Who r u.

"It's a mistake. Please."

You're having an affair! On Valentine's as well. You shouldn't have entered the couple's competition

The chain then replied: "Sorry, what is wrong? You won the competition you entered?"

Adam then replied: "I didn't read the description and we don't want the lunch."

Burger & Beyond was then quick to accuse him of having an affair, saying: "Oh do you have another girlfriend?"

Adam, who is thought be French, then replied: "Yeah but we don't want it."

Stumped organisers of the competition then quizzed: "Are you having an affair!", before Adam responded: "No girlfriend. Can u delete it please? 😉 And make a couple win."

Burger & Beyond's director Tom Stock continued to accuse him of cheating, replying: "You're having an affair! On Valentines as well. You shouldn't have entered the couple's competition."

But Adam replied: "I didn't read the description and we don't want that everybody can see our name.

"So please delete it. I am really sorry. I did a mistake.

"Is it OK lol. Please delete it really. Please delete the story."


Shaming Adam online, the burger chain then wrote: "Top tip lads: Don't enter a competition for a romantic meal with a girl if you're having an affair with that girl and the winner is announced to 130k people."

The message included a face palm emoji.

Organisers of the competition later said they wanted to give the man's girlfriend a free meal.

The post was soon deleted, with a new couple announced "due to unforeseen circumstances."

Maybe these Valentine's Day quotes and messages will help the man smooth things over…

The Sun Online has reached out to Adam for comment.

Burger & Beyond declined to comment.


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