Lip reader reveals Prince Harry’s words to Meghan about their son

‘He’s so quiet’! Lip reader reveals Prince Harry’s tender words to Meghan about their ‘wonderful’ son before they introduced the newborn to the world

  • Duke and Duchess of Sussex introduced their newborn son to the world today
  • The couple held a photocall at St George’s Chapel in grounds of Windsor Castle 
  • New parents Harry and Meghan could be seen talking excitedly as they walked in

New parents Harry and Meghan shared a tender moment as they introduced the newest member of their family today. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could not take their eyes off the tiny son as they excitedly exchanged words while walking into St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle for a photocall to share their son with the world.  

A lip-reading expert has revealed how proud new father Harry whispered ‘here we go’ to his wife as they strolled towards the cameras. 

As millions eagerly awaited the first glimpse of their baby, the pair were oblivious to all but the bundle in their arms.

Lip reading expert Tamara Cunningham told MailOnline Harry said to his wife, ‘turn around’ as they walked into the room before adding lovingly, ‘he’s so quiet’.  

Lip reading expert Tamara Cunningham told MailOnline Harry said to his wife, ‘turn around’ as they walked into the room before adding lovingly, ‘he’s so quiet’

The beaming couple look completely besotted with their new son as they arrived at St George’s Hall to give the world the first glimpse of Baby Sussex

Harry and Meghan could not take their eyes off the tiny son between them – cradled by Harry – as they showed him to the world.

The Duke of Sussex could be seen saying: ‘Wonderful, thanks a lot’, apparently when probed about the new member of their family. 

Parenthood appears to agree with the duke and his wife, who could not stop smiling and showing their love for their son who was only born on Monday.

His mother stroked his head and Harry even picked a piece of fluff of his baby bonnet before he began speaking proudly about his son.

Meghan was protective of her two ‘guys’ and had put a reassuring arm on Harry’s back as they walked from the adjoining grand reception room into St George’s Hall in Windsor Castle for the photocall.

Before them in the imposing space, the venue for their lunchtime wedding reception – were British and US media and even a private photographer for the Sussexes, capturing the moment for their own album.

At one point the duchess giggled when answering a question, suggesting the experience of becoming a mother had left her brimming over with happiness.

The Duke and Duchess shared this heartwarming photo on their Instagram account today

The loved-up couple waved to the camera before walking off as they prepare to introduce the infant to his great-grandmother, the Queen, later today

The couple appeared to be beside themselves with joy, giggling and looking into each other’s eyes as they spoke, while Harry could not resist sneaking a peek down at his son as he apparently slept

In a poignant Instagram post after unveiling their baby, the couple wrote: ‘Today The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to share their first public moment as a family’

Detailed planning had gone into staging the photocall but there was still an air of nervous tension before it started, especially after the couple arrived four minutes after the allotted start time of midday.

Microphones had been tested, flashes fired one last time and a member of the couple’s press office team and a police protection officer even stood in for them so lighting and sound levels could be checked.

But when Meghan and Harry appeared in the majestic setting of St George’s Hall they looked like any other couple dressed up to see the grandparents with their new baby, and everything ran without a hitch.

Harry was in dad mode throughout, beaming down at his son as he cradled him in his right arm.

And Meghan, in a white dress, remained right by his side with a permanent smile on her face.

The couple were even happy to give the world a better peek of their son, with Harry pulling down the blanket around him for the cameras.

After thanking well-wishers the duke and duchess turned and left, with Meghan holding onto the two most important people in her life. 

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