London apartment the size of two kingsize mattresses is on sale for £225,000

A FLAT no bigger than the size of two king-sized mattresses is on the market for £225,000.

The tiny studio apartment in Pimlico, London measures up at just 74 square feet.

The property consists of a single bed tucked into a corner and a small bathroom area that can be viewed from the bed through a see-through door.

The kitchen, which is at the foot of the bed, is a counter top with a built in fridge and features a "combi-microwave".

The flat features an "outdoor access" area which is a flat roof overlooking a sheer drop at the back of the building.

The apartment is being marketed by estate agents Jackson Stops and Chestertons at a whopping £3,378 per square foot – more than double the average price for Pimlico.

Current legislation states that the minimum size for a single bedroom flat in the UK must be 35 square metres.

The images of the property sparked widespread anger online after they were posted on a Money Saving Expert forum.

One angry user posted: "This flat is horrifically tiny, as hard as it is to believe the pictures actually make it look bigger than it really is.

"The entire property, including the kitchen and bathroom areas, is roughly the size of two king-size mattresses laid end-to-end."

"That is truly sad, I really hope someone isn't desperate enough to buy it. You could buy 1.5 of my three bed terrace house with gardens for that," commented another.

In the flat listing, the property is described as: "A most unusual self-contained studio apartment is presented to the market in Pimlico, SW1.

"Located on the ground floor, this would be ideal for all those looking for a central London pied-a-terre or buy to let investment."

The nautically themed property is kitted out with built-in storage, a combination microwave, a washer dryer and a fridge.

A micro-flat, located in Notting Hill, was on the market for the £200,000 in July.

The 79 square foot studio apartment, located in Kensington and Chelsea, features a shower and a sink that is next to the bed.

Estate agents Jackson Stops defended the minuscule Pimlico property.

"You won't get a mortgage for it but that doesn't make it illegal," said a spokesman.

"There are plenty of apartments for sale under 35 square metres. They would still need solicitors to be involved. The price per square foot on that basis is expensive.

"But, the price for the property would make it the cheapest in the area and I can understand from a buyers point of view why they would be interested in it.

"A one bedroom flat on the first floor could be £1500 per square foot compared to a five storey that is £1,000.

"It is not the basis when it comes to taking the valuation of the apartment for sale."


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