London Zoo is celebrating its famous gay penguins – and wants you to ‘get over it’

“Some penguins are gay. Get over it.”

Ronnie and Reggie are two of the London Zoo’s most famous animals, and with LGBTQ Pride Month underway, zookeepers are celebrating the animals’ love.

The two Humboldt penguins got together in 2014, the zoo says. A year later, they adopted an egg abandoned by another penguin couple and raised young Kyton until he left the nest.

“They remain as strong as ever and are often found snuggled up in their nest box together,” London Zoo officials said in a statement. 

As a result, the zoo is dedicating a night in early July to Pride celebrations. “Some penguins are gay. Get over it,” appears on a mini banner in the penguins’ habitat and pays homage to Stonewall’s “Get Over It,” campaign, the zoo said.

Penguin Beach is home to the Zoo's most famous same-sex couple, Ronnie and Reggie, and our #penguins are joining in on the #Pride celebrations! ? Discover more about our pride-themed activities at the Zoo! ?️‍?[email protected]

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“Visitors will be able to learn about gender and mating in the animal kingdom at a Pride-themed talk, where they’ll discover just how common same-sex pairings are – from penguins and pandas to goats and giraffes,” the zoo said.

The topic of same-sex mating among animals has been one of great debate and growing interest among researchers. In many cases, scientists do not fully understand why animals exhibit such behavior, according to National Geographic.

Last year, two male penguins in Australia welcomed a chick after the zoo gave them an egg to care for. In Denmark, two male penguins last year stole an egg from its parents when the parents were away, a zookeeper said.

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