Lori Daybell gets bond lowered as she appears in court in mask after pleading not guilty – The Sun

LORI Daybell has had her bond lowered as she appeared in court wearing a face mask after pleading not guilty.

Judge Mallard announced via video call on Friday that she was lowering Vallow's bond from $1million to $150,000.

The bond was set at $50,000 per count and, due to Vallow facing three misdemeanor charges, was totaled at $150,000.

The judge also applied a condition, if the bond is posted, that Vallow cannot contact any of her alleged co-conspirators.

Vallow pleaded not guilty to the charges a month after police found the dismembered remains of her children, Tylee Ryan, 17, and JJ Vallow, 7, buried on Chad Daybell’s property in Salem, Idaho.

The couple, who Vallow’s family described as “doomsday cult” members, would not speak to authorities about the children’s whereabouts for months after they went missing.

In a motion filed on Tuesday afternoon, Vallow’s attorney Mark Means said she pleads not guilty and seeks a trial by jury.

"Defendant asserts felony charges regarding previous bond setting were dismissed, and as such, bond should be reset to reflect current charges evident in the newly filed amended criminal complaint," Means wrote in regard to her bond reduction request.

On Friday, Judge Mallard confirmed that Vallow's jury trial will commence on January 25 through 29, starting at 9am.

Although JJ and Tylee vanished last September, their mother wasn't arrested until February.

Vallow lied to police when they conducted a welfare check at her Rexburg home on November 26 and claimed her kids were in Arizona with a family friend.

When police returned to question the Daybells, they found that the couple had jetted off to Hawaii.

Chad Daybell made a court appearance via Zoom two days after the bodies were found hidden and burned on his property.

He has been linked to the mysterious death of his previous wife Tammy Daybell, which occurred just days before he married Vallow.

The 51-year-old reportedly published apocalyptic novels and described the deceased children as "light and dark spirits."

Meanwhile, Lori Vallow has been linked to the death of her brother and two other people, including the killing of her fourth ex-husband Charles Vallow.

A recent affidavit stated that she lied about having cancer to conceal the dismemberment and death of her children.

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