Lufthansa 'to SUE passenger who did not turn up for the last leg of their journey in crackdown on trick used to get cheap flights'

The airline says the passenger exploited the ticketing system that places a premium on non-stop flights by booking a cheaper multiple-stop ticket they never intended to complete.

The alleged infringement happened almost two years ago, in April 2016.

The man was said to have not used all the legs of a journey from Seattle to Oslo and taken a separate flight from Frankfurt, where he was due to catch a connecting flight.

The terms and conditions when buying tickets through Lufthansa make it clear the practice is not allowed.

Lufthansa has been granted permission to appeal of a previous ruling in the passenger's favour, it has been reported.

The defendant reportedly booked a business class ticket from Oslo to Seattle via Frankfurt for £576.

As this is a running court case, we do not comment this case at this stage

On the return flight, however, the passenger flew from Frankfurt to Berlin on a separate ticket.

Lufthansa says that he should have paid €2769, and demanded €2112 plus interest.

The case was reportedly thrown out because the airline failed to fully explain how it had arrived at the compensation figure of €2112.

With companies like Skiplagged helping customers find cheeky deals, there is a growing ability to play the system for the best deals, according to the Independent.

Skiplagged's website actually boasts: “Our flights are so cheap, United (Airlines) sued us… but we won."

The technique of skipping out on undesirable legs come with risks, with cabin baggage often checked through.

A Lufthansa spokesperson told The Mail: ”As this is a running court case, we do not comment this case at this stage.”

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