Man accidentally invited to stranger’s bachelor party, flies more than 4,000 km to attend

A typo in an email lead to a Phoenix man getting to an invite to a bachelor party for a guy he had never met, and he ended up flying most of the way across the continental United States to attend.

Earlier this month, Will Novak received an email from a man boasting about a bachelor party.

“Urgent! Angelo’s bachelor party, respond right away!” Novak told NBC News of the email.

The email was actually supposed to go to a guy named Bill Novak, who lives in New York state.

“I don’t know anyone in Vermont, I don’t know how to ski, I don’t know Angelo, but I thought, I’ll write back a silly email just to make these guys laugh,” Novak said.

Party planner Devan Onello replied.

“When they wrote back and they were like, ‘If you’re serious, we’re serious, get here,’ I was blown away. I just started cracking up laughing. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, these guys seem insane,’ the 35-year-old new dad said.

Since the invite was last-minute and Novak had a newborn baby, he decided to make a GoFundMe page asking for donations to help get him to the party.

“Help me go to the bachelor party of a stranger,” reads the fundraising page. Novak set a goal of $750.

On Jan. 12, he updated the page saying he “just found out that the bachelor, Angelo, and his bride to be are expecting their first baby!”

“It’s a bachelor party and a baby shower! All funds raised beyond the $750 I need for the trip will go to Angelo for his baby college/food/toys/whatever the baby needs fund!” he wrote.

The page quickly raised over $4,000 and over the weekend, Novak went to party with the strangers in Vermont, including the man with a similar name.

Back from the “epic” weekend, the group of guys appeared on Good Morning America on Monday, highlighting the trip.

“I was running late, when I showed up it was three in the morning,” Novak said. “These guys were shooting fireworks off, shooting fireworks inside the house, playing guitars, shredding some metal. It was completely insane.”

As for the actual bachelor?

“I had a great time, you know, everything fell into place,” Angelo said. “It was a total remarkable story, we were just rolling with it, [I] didn’t know what was going to happen.”

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