Man accused of killing wife might have killed her in chokehold: prosecutors

The stockbroker on trial for his wife’s murder demonstrated a martial arts chokehold in jail — the same technique prosecutors say he used to snap her neck, according to footage shown to jurors in Manhattan court Wednesday.

In the one-minute surveillance clip, Rod Covlin stands on one side of a round table across from another inmate in the law library of the Brooklyn Detention Complex.

Covlin, who has a black-belt in Taekwondo, bends forward and brings his left arm toward his chest.

He then turns and demonstrates the same move for the inmate with his right arm.

The Nov. 9, 2018, footage was introduced during testimony from Senior Medical Examiner Jonathan Hayes.

Assistant DA Matthew Bogdanos asked the forensic pathologist if the move could have been used on Shele Danishefsky.

“This folding of the arm and elbow is exactly how a chokehold is done,” he said.

Hayes said that the numerous scratches on Danishefsky’s lower face were also consistent with strangulation.

“They fight back by trying to claw the arm away from their neck,” he said, adding she may have scratched her own face during the desperate struggle.

The beautiful banker was found dead face down in the bathtub of her Upper West Side apartment by her 9-year-old daughter on Christmas Eve 2009.

Covlin had moved into an apartment across the hall, and Danishefsky had an order of protection against him.

The couple were in the midst of a contentious divorce and custody dispute over their two children.

Prosecutors say he murdered her for her money while defense lawyer Robert Gottlieb has argued that Danishefsky had a tragic accident while taking a bath.

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