Man Arrested After Telling Children That Santa Isn’t Real At Church’s ‘Breakfast With Santa’ Event

It looks like not everyone is feeling the Christmas cheer this year. According to a report from NBC 5 DFW, a 31-year-old man has been arrested after telling children Santa Claus wasn’t real. While that is definitely a less than kind act, it wasn’t the man’s actual offense. Police said Aaron Urbanski was arrested on Saturday, November 8, for trespassing at a church event.

The authorities were summoned to St. Mark United Methodist Church in Cleburne, Texas, during a breakfast with Santa shindig. Upon arrival, the officers discovered Urbanski, who refused to willingly leave the premises. The man was one of three protesters at the event. The small group had been asked to leave the premises several times by church representatives, but only two of the men left. Instead of leaving, Urbanski proceeded to cause a ruckus and hindering the event’s activities.

The report stated that Urbanski kept telling the children present at the event that Santa wasn’t real. He has been charged with criminal trespass and has been booked into the Johnson County Law Enforcement Center. No bond was immediately set.

Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain shared his thoughts on the matter in a Facebook post, saying “Don’t Mess With Santa!”

“While I understand folks right to protest, Cleburne loves Santa and those protestors who were naughty and broke the law when they trespassed were arrested promptly. Guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance,” he continued.

A mother, Heather Johnson, said she was confronted by the protesters while leaving the church.

“Do you let your kids believe in a fake Santa or do they know who Jesus is?” Johnson recalled the men saying.

After asking them not to ruin Santa and Christmas for her children, the men began to shout at Johnson.

“They started to shout out that Santa was not real and that I was wrong for teaching them that,” she continued. “I got really verbal with them over it.”

Another church member, Gayle Anderson, also weighed in. She shared her thoughts about the real meaning of Christmas.

“Christmas is love,” Anderson said, according to a local CBS news affiliate. “It’s not Santa. Christmas is love and love is giving. If you want to give through Santa that’s…I still believe in Santa you know.”

It’s unclear what exactly Urbanski was protesting at the church’s event and there are no additional details regarding his arrest at the moment.

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