Man disgusts friends with Christmas jumper mocking Harvey Price

Christmas dinner guest stuns woman when he reveals disgusting festive jumper mocking Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey which are STILL available for sale online

  • An angry woman is seen berating the male friend she is sat down with for dinner 
  • Man unzips his jacket to reveal he’s wearing a jumper with ‘hello you c***’ on it 
  • Another person out of shot can be heard saying the jumper is ‘horrendous’  
  • The controversial items were sold on eBay, Etsy and on other online retailers 

An angry woman can be seen berating her male friend who was seen wearing a jumper mocking Harvey Price in a busy restaurant. 

The blonde female sitting at the table tells the man to ‘take it off’ after he sat down with a jumper of Katie Price’s disabled son in a Santa hat with the slogan: ‘HO HO HELLO YOU C***’.

The video emerged online last week of a grinning man showing his jumper to a table full of his friends.

The man unzips his jacket to proudly reveal the jumper mocking Harvey Price (left). His female friend sat opposite him looks less than impressed (right)

He unzips his jacket to reveal the jumper, much to the disgust of some of his friends.

The woman sitting opposite looks gob-smacked, while another friend can be heard asking her: ‘Did you not know he was wearing that?’ to which she replies: ‘No’. 

Another person who is out of the camera shot says ‘that is horrendous’ while another one in the group laughs hysterically. 

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The jumper-wearer says ‘Merry Christmas guys’ but his unimpressed blonde companion immediately says: ‘Take it off now. Take it off.’ 

The slogan on the jumper is a phrase which Harvey Price said during an appearance with his mother on Loose Women in 2016 in a discussion about the abuse he had received.

Harvey, who is blind and autistic, was asked what he would say ‘if someone said something horrible to him, to which he replied ‘hello you c***’.

Despite her pleas to take off the jumper, the man sits down with the controversial jumper still on

Last year, T-shirt and mugs with the slogan became popular online, with eBay and Etsy selling the sickening merchandise.  

An Etsy spokesperson said: ‘Due to our privacy policy, we cannot comment on specific items or sellers.

‘It is important to understand that Etsy is not a curated or juried marketplace.’

A spokesperson from eBay said: ‘These items were immediately removed and the seller suspended. These items have no place on our marketplace.’ 

The jumpers were previously available to buy online, from places like Etsy and eBay

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