Massachusetts lawmaker wants to criminalize the word ‘bitch’

Bostonians would face up to 6 months behind bars for calling someone “bitch” under a proposed bill that has opponents barking mad.

The legislation would criminalize the term if it is used to “degrade or demean” another person — classing it as disorderly conduct punishable with a $150 fine for a first offense or a $200 fine and 6 months in prison for subsequent offenses.

Democratic Rep. Daniel Hunt introduced the bill in May — and it will be heard by a Beacon Hill judiciary committee this week, the Boston Herald reported Monday.

Victims or witnesses would be able to report the crime to Massachusetts police — who would then have the task of prosecuting the ubiquitous misdemeanor.

Cambridge civil rights attorney Harvey Silverglate said the bill was “nonsense” and more political correctness from the “word police.”

“There’s a certain category of legislation that’s patently unconstitutional. This is among them,” Silverglate told the Herald.

“This is just the latest futile effort but the word police to control what other people say and indirectly control what they think,” he added.

But Hunt said he filed the bill upon request form one of his constituents, telling the Herald: “Any time a constituent approaches me with something that is of concern to them, I follow through with it.”

“This might also illuminate the exhaustive legislative process for people that might not normally be engaged,” he said.

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