McDonald’s addicts patiently queue at drive-thru on Christmas Day not realising restaurant is SHUT – The Sun

HILARIOUS footage shows a long line of cars waiting outside a McDonald's drive-thru on Christmas Day – despite the restaurant being CLOSED.

The video clip posted on Reddit shows a queue of at least nine vehicles lining up at the fast food eaterie in Nashville, Tennessee.

The two people in the car filming can be heard laughing as they drive past the line of hungry burger fans.

Towards the end of the clip – titled Nashvillians Want Their McDonald's – the pair stop outside the drive-thru window and point their camera at the opening hours sign.

The driver says: “All these people waiting and they are not even open.

“You can even see the holiday hours – Christmas Day…CLOSED.

“What are people DOING.”

Reddit users have responded with their own stories of ravenous McDonald’s customers.

One said: “Years ago, we were actively fighting fire at a McDonalds in my city at the time and people were still pulling up to the drive thru.

“Fire engines everywhere, hose lines on the ground and smoke pouring out, and yet they still came lol.”

Another wrote: “I work for a construction company who remodels McDonald's.

“We could put a fence and tape and signs around the property and in the grass and parking lots and people will STILL move the fence and walk in.”

Reacting to the Christmas Day clip, one user posted: “Amazing how people are addicted to McDonald’s food.”

A second wrote: “If you build it, they will come, even if its closed lol.”

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