Meghan Markle and Prince Harry eye up £10million LA mansion with ‘granny annexe’ flat for mum Doria – The Sun

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are eyeing a sprawling £10million mansion — and planning to move her mum Doria in with them.

Potential buyers can get a ­virtual 360-degree tour of the six-bedroom property close to LA’s affluent Pacific Palisades.

It is being sold by Fast and Furious film producer Steve Chasman, and celebrity neighbours include Tom Hanks and Ben Affleck.

Sources say Meg, 38, and Harry, 35, want to find a property with large grounds for them and Archie — plus a “granny annexe” flat for 63-year-old social worker Doria.

Tonight one said: “Once quarantine and lockdown are over, Harry and Meghan will be moving into their new pad — and they want Doria to be included in these plans.

“She is hugely independent though, and doesn’t want to be in their space.

“She will have her own granny annexe.

"The family have been joking that Meghan and Harry will now have a babysitter on tap, but the reality is Meghan doesn’t trust many people and Doria is her rock and her biggest champion.

“Harry has also grown close to her so, believe it or not, he was receptive to the idea of living with his mother-in-law.

"Obviously, under lockdown, they won’t be moving house any time soon but they are both looking forward to laying down more permanent roots in Los Angeles, and ­making it home.”

The luxury mansion overlooks the sea and boasts a cinema, swimming pool, one-acre garden and a pergola.

It also offers a giant children’s play area — perfect for Archie, who turns one this week.

According to the glossy prospectus, other perks include a chef’s kitchen and in-built BBQ area — ideal for foodie Meghan.

The property has been on the market since September, and its gated community is said to be one of the safest in the area.

Since moving from Canada to the US, the couple have been renting a home close to Sir Elton John.

They have been spotted walking their dog in LA while wearing protective facemasks.

Last month we told how they had also shown an interest in movie star Mel Gibson’s £12million mansion in Malibu.

One local estate agent posted online they had actually bought it but a veil of secrecy surrounded the potential purchase.

The property is understood to still be on the market.

One's £100m black hole

CORONAVIRUS could slash royal income by up to £100million this year.

Rentals from the Duchy of Cornwall and Crown Estate are down and residences can’t attract visitors.

A source admitted: “Finances are in severe trouble.”

The cash woe could impact Palace repairs and 1,200 staff.

The Palace said its focus was on following guidelines in the lockdown.

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