Meghan Markle blasted by Piers Morgan AGAIN as he calls her a 'cut and runner' with 'not nice traits'

The Good Morning Britain host took aim at the Duchess of Sussex for seemingly dropping her friends and family after marrying Prince Harry.

Speaking on this morning's programme, the host said: "I fear the pattern with Meghan, whether it was the ex-husband who suddenly got chopped or whether it was the family who got banned, the father who has now been chopped, or me on a much tinier level.

"She's a bit of a cut and runner."

It's the second time in two days that the 53-year-old presenter has criticised the 37-year-old Meghan, yesterday saying she had dropped him "like a sack of spuds" after becoming famous.

He crowned it "weird behaviour", adding that it was "disconcerting".

And Piers, who maintained he had been friends with the former US actress before she was famous, doubled down today when his comments were brought up.

Speaking to co-host Susanna Reid, he said: "She just wants to be ever more important.

"Now she's where she wants to be – she's married her prince and she's best mates with the Clooneys and Michelle Obama.

"Meanwhile, poor old dad is on his own, ailing in Mexico."

Thomas Markle did not walk Meghan down the aisle for her May wedding to Prince Harry.

The 73-year-old was embroiled in a paparazzi scandal, with it emerging he had posed for photos and eventually missing the wedding due to heart surgery.

He also revealed he had found out his daughter was pregnant on the radio.

It is understood he has not seen his daughter since she joined the royal family.

Outspoken Piers today said: "Maybe she was just on the charge to the top, and anyone in the way got cut – whoosh."

He added pregnant Meghan was in the "disappointing" category of friends for her behaviour – saying it was "not a nice trait" to drop friends.

When Susanna Reid asked him how he would have liked the former actress to handle the situation, he said: "My only complaint was that it was very brutal."

But he said he would still be open to burying the hatchet with Prince Harry's wife – even inviting her to his Christmas party.

Piers had yesterday been discussing a string of negative stories about Meghan which accused her of making Kate Middleton cry and emailing staff at 5am when he brought up the duchess.

He previously said Meghan is very different to Kate Middleton, who he described as being "very home counties" and "safe".

It comes after it was revealed Meghan Markle had been involved in a row over which tiara she would wear for her wedding to Prince Harry in May.

Meghan continued to make headlines after it was rumoured she had been involved in a "ghastly row" with Kate Middleton.

A furious Duchess of Cambridge recently slapped down Meghan after she spoke rudely to a member of Kate's staff telling her doing so was "unacceptable".

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