Melania Trump slams Food Network host John Henson for cruel Father’s Day tweet about Barron – The Sun

MELANIA Trump slammed Food Network host John Henson for a cruel Father's Day tweet about her 14-year-old son, Barron.

The First Lady's comment came after Henson made a comment about Barron's "real father."

"I hope Barron gets to spend today with whoever his dad is," Henson, 52, tweeted on Sunday.

In a statement to The Hill on Tuesday, Melania's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, slammed Henson.

"Sadly we continue to see inappropriate and insensitive comments about the President’s son," she said of Barron.

Food Network did not immediately respond to The Sun for comment on the incident.

Barron is Melania's only child.

Trump, however, has five children.

Four of his children were born in his previous marriages to Marla Maples and Ivana Trump.

The president's other children include Donald Jr., 42; Ivanka, 38; Eric, 36; and Tiffany, 26.

Henson's tweet was torn apart by some critics, who said he should not be making jokes about a child.

"Why would you say something like that about a 14 year old and his mother and his father? one person tweeted. "Shame!"

Another user questioned: "Does the @FoodNetwork condone their employees going after children?

One user simply said: "That's a child……….. wow."

Henson – along with some people who defended him – said that Barron was not the brunt of the joke.

"With respect, I think you dissecting it is the issue. The joke was aimed at Trump and the mere mention of Barron’s name doesn’t mean it’s at his expense," Henson tweeted to a response.
"Although I respect your right to take issue with it."

In addition to hosting Food Network's Halloween Baking Championship, Henson also has hosted ABC's Wipeout, and E! Network's Talk Soup.

Trump tweeted a message for Father's Day on Sunday.

He shared an image of a graphic with the words "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY," and "FROM PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP," in smaller font below.

The president was seen spending the day at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Virginia.

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