Michael Jackson praised Adolf Hitler, based stage outfits on fascist uniforms and collected Nazi memorabilia

MICHAEL Jackson once praised Adolf Hitler as a "genius" and sought out Nazi documentaries, it is claimed.

The pop icon, who died in 2009, also allegedly wore clothing which resembled that of Nazi soldiers.

Jackson's comments about the leader of the Third Reich were made during interviews with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, whom he befriended.

The conversations were published in a book called The Michael Jackson Tapes, which was published shortly after the singer's death.

In one interview, Jackson is quoted as saying: "Hitler was a genius orator.

"To make that many people turn and change and hate, he had to be a showman and he was."

Boteach then goes on to ask Michael if he believed he could "somehow touch something inside of Hitler" if he had an hour with him.

Michael was said to reply: "Absolutely. I know I could."

Boteach previously told The Sun: "Michael despised what Hitler had done.

"When it came to believing he could heal Hitler, that was hopeless naïvety."


Nazi memorabilia seller Norman Scherer claimed in 2010 that he helped the Thriller singer build "a really good collection", featuring rare films and documentaries.

Titles were said to include Nazis: Of Pure Blood, Oasis of the Zombies and Hitler's Children, the New York Post reports.

Scherer even claimed that Michael would display the tapes openly on the walls of his video vault at his Neverland ranch.

And in 2016, Lady Gaga triggered a Twitter storm by attending a Hillary Clinton rally wearing a jacket which some social media users likened to Nazi uniforms, MailOnline reports.

It later emerged that the black-and-red military-style garment once belonged to the King of Pop.

He was photographed wearing the jacket during a meeting with then-President George H W Bush at the White House in 1990.

Michael has recently come back under intense scrutiny following the release of a Netflix documentary titled Leaving Neverland, in which two men accuse him of having sexually abused them as young boys.


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