Mike Bloomberg donates millions of dollars to cities he’s now stumping in

It sure can’t hurt.

The Mike Bloomberg Family Foundation has poured money into a slew of programs in cities where the presidential candidate is now stumping for votes, according to a Post review of the entity’s 2017 and 2018 tax filings and other public documents.

One of the initiatives, the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge, awarded a total of $70 million to 25 cities to reduce their carbon emissions. The cities are in many key Democratic primary states and include Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta.

The foundation also shelled out millions of dollars in art grants everywhere from San Francisco to Pittsburgh.

In addition, it gave the city of Baltimore — home to his beloved alma mater Johns Hopkins University — $5 million to bolster public safety.

The foundation also made Boston, in his native state of Massachusetts and which votes in next year’s Super Tuesday primary March 3, a recipient of his largesse.

Bloomberg donated $32 million to the education center at the Museum of Science in Boston — re-named the William and Charlotte Bloomberg Science Education Center after his parents — in the past two years. That’s on top of the millions of dollars the city received from his charitable giving to solve climate change and other issues.

There’s evidence of the Bloomberg philanthropic foot-print nearly everywhere he goes.

Just last week, he held a criminal-justice event in Jackson, Miss., where his charitable entities gave a $1 million arts grant last year. The event was co-hosted by Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba.

He was also endorsed by the mayor of Augusta, Ga., Hardie Davis, who previously attended training classes through the Bloomberg Harvard Leadership program.

The billionaire Democratic candidate has also laid out his gun-control agenda in Aurora, Colo., another state that has benefited from his philanthropy through the Bloomberg-funded Everytown Gun Safety program. The city is where James Holmes shot up a theater during a “Batman’’ movie, killing 12, in 2012.

In addition, Bloomberg donated millions of dollars to educational programs in the Rocky Mountain state, which holds its primary March 3.

Party rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have accused Bloomberg of attempting to “buy” the Democratic nomination and presidency.

But Bloomberg generously donated to many of the groups, and a slew of others, well before he sought the nomination.

The former New York City mayor has given a total of $8 billion over the years to issues involving everything from education, health and the arts to the environment and public safety.

Still, a political consultant said Bloomberg’s donations to worthy causes supported by Democrats do give him an edge over other candidates.

“Bloomberg has invested in a lot of progressive causes. That gives him a distinct advantage because he’s putting his money where his mouth is on issues that prime Democratic voters care about,’’ said Mike Morey, who advises former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and worked for US Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“It’s certainly going to make people pay attention to him and even support him.’’

The Bloomberg campaign said the former mayor’s donations speak for themselves.

“When you are one of the most generous givers in America year after year after year like Mike Bloomberg is, you get to know and work with a lot of amazing people who are doing fantastic things for people,” said Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser.

The Bloomberg camp said the millions of dollars that he’s spent on anti-smoking, traffic safety, climate change and research into cures for diseases such as Dengue Fever that surface in other continents have nothing to do with running for president.

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