Mom 'beat daughter, 1, to death after a failed night of prostitution'

A young mother allegedly beat her one-year-old daughter to death after an unsuccessful night of trying to prostitute herself, prosecutors say.

Kahoy Garcia-Velazquez, 21, was charged with first degree murder on Wednesday for killing her daughter, Mila Anderson-Garcia in their home in Chicago last week.

According to an autopsy, Mila died of injuries related to child abuse, including a lacerated liver, trauma to the intestines, bruising to the head, cuts on her face, and a bite mark on her buttocks.

Garcia-Velazquez reportedly ran to her mother’s apartment while holding her daughter, screaming that she would not wake up on July 13, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Paramedics tried to resuscitate Mila, but their attempts were hindered because the girl’s jaw was already stiff with rigor mortis, prosecutors said. The girl was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

Garcia-Velazquez was arrested on Monday at a funeral home while making arraignment for services for her daughter.

She told authorities that the bite mark on her daughter was from a little boy, and claimed the rest of the injuries were from a fall on a bike – but prosecutors said those explanations were determined not to be ‘medically possible.’

Garcia-Velazquez later admitted that she left with her boyfriend in an attempt to meet a prostitution client, then spent the night trying to find pills, but returned at 6am the next morning upset that she earned no money, prosecutors said.

The boyfriend said he left for work an hour later and saw Mila healthy. Later that morning, Garcia-Velazquez ran into her mother’s apartment with her unresponsive daughter.

Garcia-Velazquez is being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on August 9.

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