Mom who ‘hanged her two kids and had sex with family dog’ says children ‘wanted to die’ ahead of trial for murder – The Sun

A MOM accused of hanging her children and having sex with the family dog has claimed her kids "wanted to die" ahead of her trial for murder.

Lisa Rachelle Snyder, 37, faces multiple charges over the deaths of Conner, eight, and Brinley, four, who were found unresponsive at their Pennsylvania home last September.

Snyder initially told cops that Conner had carried out a murder-suicide, but was later found to have googled “carbon monoxide in a car how long to die”, "hanging yourself", and "how to get away with it" prior to the deaths.

At a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, her defence attorney argued that the prosecution's case consisted only of "speculation and guesswork", but a Berks County district judge ruled that she will stand trial.

Snyder has been charged with first- and third-degree murder, child endangerment, and evidence-tampering.

She also faces a charge of animal cruelty after police found explicit Facebook messages describing sex acts performed on her by her dog.

Paramedics found Conner and Brinley hanging from a support beam over two upturned chairs in the basement of their home in Reading, Pennsylvania on September 23 last year.

Snyder had called 911, but claimed she had been unable to lift the children down before paramedics arrived.

The children were rushed to hospital but died after spending three days on life support.


Prosecutors have alleged that Snyder failed to return to the basement after calling emergency services, and that there is no evidence to support the claim that Conner killed himself and his sister.

Speaking in December, District Attorney John Adams said: “A mother of children who are found hanging would make every effort possible to save them.

“That was not done in this situation."

Snyder told investigators that Conner had suffered bullying at school and that he had "told her on multiple occasions that he wanted to die”.

“He doesn’t say much because he knows that I will call the school,” she claimed.

“He is overweight, has a speech delay, he needs the extra help, a little slower to grasp things, kids make fun of him because he’s fat."

She said he had "made threats of doing this, but didn’t want to go alone".

Police reviewed security footage showing Conner on a school bus on the day he died, and said he showed no signs of distress.

Snyder is also reported to have told a friend that she had "had enough”.

Her formal arraignment is scheduled for March 12.

Prosecutors will need to notify the court ahead of that date whether they intend to seek the death penalty in the event that Snyder is convicted of first-degree murder.

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