Moment wife screams in horror as dad is stabbed to death after stepping in to stop woman being beaten outside nightclub

THIS is the shocking moment a dad was stabbed in front of his screaming wife after trying to stop a woman from being beaten outside a nightclub before dropping dead.

Alpay Kalyon, 33, was knifed in the chest during a brawl outside a venue in Cesme, Turkey.

Horrifying footage filmed from the window of a building across the road shows a group of people fighting outside a club on the night of August 21.

During the scuffle, Alpay was stabbed and the clip shows him stumbling and collapsing to the ground as his distraught wife screamed.

According to local media, he had gone to the club with his wife and two friends.

It's reported the brawl started when the couple stepped outside, saw a woman being beaten and intervened.

Employees of the nightclub next door then got involved, saying "you can't fight here" before Alpay was knifed in the chest.

He was rushed to hospital by ambulance, but doctors were unable to save him.

Following a post-mortem examination, he was buried at Dogancay Cemetery.

In total, seven suspects were arrested over the incident.

Four, identified by their initials as CU, OS, OG and MA, appeared in court and were released on bail on Tuesday.

Three, identified as FB, MT and HN, appeared in court on Wednesday. FB is believed to be the knifeman who fatally stabbed Alpay.

He told the police: "Alpay Kalyon shouted at us, cursed and insulted us, and hit us.

"I couldn't stand it and took a knife from inside. I'm very regretful."

Alpay leaves behind his grieving wife and a baby daughter.

The investigation continues.

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