'Money-grabbing' Romanian toyboy, 28, claims gold diggers are chasing HIM after inheriting OAP vicar lover's £250k cash

A ROMANIAN toyboy  has revealed that HE'S now being chased by gold diggers after his ex-vicar husband died – leaving him his fortunes in his will.  

Florin Marin, 28, claimed that his ex-husband Philip Clements wanted him to move on and be happy, but he has struggled because he was too “sad.”

Philip, who died aged 81, moved to Romania to be with his toyboy 55 years his junior and left him his fortune after they married in 2017. 

He has now spoken to The Sun Online, explaining that he tried to honour Philip’s wishes and find love elsewhere but hasn’t been able to. 

Florin said: “I tried to start a new relationship because Philip was saying all the time ‘when I die don't stop here just carry on and look for someone else, it won’t be a problem’.

“I started to try some relationships with some people, but it doesn't work because all the time I think about him.

“All the time, because I like to speak with the people who I met and about my past, about Philip. 

“I start to be a little bit sad and then I think like no I don't want this man for any relationship so I reject them. But hopefully this is a new, fresh era.”

But he has blasted a series of people who he believes only showed interest in him for the money his ex-husband left to him. 

He added: “After Phillip passed away a lot of people were interested in having a relationship with me. 

“I know why. Because of all the money left to me. I know that from beginning the money will be coming up with a lot of people, but I'm not stupid. 

“So I reject people. But I have a lot of people from England. I have three or four old people. I reject them but you never know.

“I have a lot of memories that I will keep with me in my heart and in my mind with Philip – all the traveling stuff, holidays. 

“I have a beautiful life here in this flat in Bucharest and all the memories of jokes with him, and all the good things and bad things because not everything was so pink.

“I will keep it in my heart and in my mind, but it's much better like that because it was my, my husband's and will be in my heart for my entire life.”

Florin dramatically banned Philip's family from his funeral after they called him a "gold digging leech", and now only speaks to one of his brothers. 

He claims that two of his brothers caused him “problems” from the very beginning and  tried to give him a “very hard life.”

He added: “The single problem which I had was his brothers. The two of them, the third one has no problems. 

“The two of them tried to make me a very hard life. From the very beginning. They tried to have what Philip left to me.

“I speak with the third brother who asked me for some pictures to send to him and it was my pleasure to do that. I tell him to come to visit me when he can. 

“I don't know if the others  remember it's coming up to a year when Philip passed away.  

“They thought they could do something to me to get all this stuff but in the end they realised I said the truth to them and I told them they cant have anything. 

“Why should they? I am the husband. I look after him all these years. I deserve that.”

Philip previously served as a priest with the Anglican church but retired before marrying Florin.

Philip and Florin had made headlines with their love affair when they met on Grindr – with the couple insisting the relationship was real.

They even appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show to declare their love despite Florin's clubbing ways.

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