Mother avoids jail after smashing cocktail glass over friend's head

Mother-of-two, 27, avoids jail after smashing a cocktail glass over her friend’s head at boozy Revolution bar bottomless brunch after row over whether to tip the waitress

  • Holly Shury, 27, attacked Lydia Bysouth, who was celebrating her birthday

A mother-of-two who smashed a cocktail glass over her friend’s head after rowing about tipping a waitress at a drunken bottomless brunch has avoided jail.

Holly Shury, 27, attacked Lydia Bysouth who was celebrating her birthday with a group of friends at a cocktail-fuelled all-you-can-drink event.

The pair began to argue about tipping the waitress as the table settled the bill, with a reluctant Shury shouting that it was ‘her f***ing job’.

The group left Revolution in Bournemouth, Dorset, and went to another bar where the row continued.

Shury accused Ms Bysouth of having ‘only child syndrome’ before punching her in the head.

The group of friends moved on and asked Shury to leave them alone – but she followed them to the Aruba bar for more drinks. 

Shury demanded that Ms Bysouth accept her apology for what had happened before losing her temper again and smashing a cocktail glass over the victim’s head.

Holly Shury leaving Bournemouth Crown Court – she pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful wounding

The row started in Revolution in Bournemouth, Dorset, as the group of friends settled the bill (stock image)

The defendant fled the bar while Ms Bysouth was left with blood over her face. 

She was looked after by security staff and taken to hospital and had to have a wound above her eye glued shut.

A victim impact statement was read out in court explaining how the injury had caused Ms Bysouth ‘anxiety’.

Ms Bysouth said the incident had ’caused tension in my friendship group. There is now a clear divide among us. It hasn’t been the same since’.

Shury, from Poole, pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful wounding when she appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Ruba Huleihel, prosecuting, said: ‘The group had reserved a table at Revolution and the complainant arrived slightly late.

‘It was the complainant’s birthday which they were celebrating.

‘When Lydia tipped the waitress the defendant was not happy.

‘She did not want to leave a tip. She shouted ‘it’s her f***king job’ at Lydia.

‘The defendant began shouting and swearing and there was some pushing and shoving between them.

‘The complainant was trying to calm things down.

‘The group then went to Tonic Social and the argument continued.

‘The defendant continued to shout and she said that Lydia needed to get over herself and her “only child syndrome”.

The row continued in Aruba bar where the group moved on to for more drinks (stock image)

Shury was given a 38-week suspended sentence and a curfew to stay indoors between 8pm and 6am for the next four months

‘She then came behind Lydia and hit her on the nose. That was when she told the defendant to leave.

‘The rest of the group went to Aruba. The defendant followed them trying to apologise.

‘She shouted “accept my apology, you are so childish” and Lydia replied “I’m just trying to enjoy the night out”.

‘It was at 6pm that the defendant smashed a cocktail glass into the complainant’s face.’

Philomena Murphy, mitigating, explained that her client felt ‘deep remorse’ over her actions.

She said: ‘The reality is in this case that Miss Shury has very little recollection of the actual detail of what happened that evening.

‘But she does take responsibility for causing the injuries to her friend Lydia Bysouth.

‘She has expressed shame, embarrassment and remorse regarding her actions.

‘She had drunk a lot of alcohol that day.’

Judge William Mousley noted that the injuries caused would be permanent and a constant reminder for the victim of what happened.

He said: ‘In her statement Lydia described how your assault on her damaged her confidence, caused her anxiety and made her more worried in the security industry.

‘She is left with a thankfully small scar, she will always be reminded of what you did to her.’

Shury was given a 38-week suspended sentence and a curfew to stay indoors between 8pm and 6am for the next four months.

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