Mother-of-two killed in head-on smash with law student in new car

Mother-of-two, 37, was killed in head-on smash with law student, 21, who was driving home in new car that she’d just bought

  • Cardiff student Mia Price, 21, caused death of mum Renata Sumiga, 37, in crash
  • Price had just bought a car and was driving in more than 80 miles home

A mother-of-two was killed in a head-on smash with a law student who was driving home for her first drive in a car she had just bought, a court heard.

Mia Price, 21, was driving more than 80 miles home in convoy with her father on a country road after picking up her second-hand Toyota Yaris.

But she drifted into the opposite lane – smashing into the family car of victim Renata Sumiga, 37.

A court heard Mrs Sumiga was with her husband and two young children when they were hit in their Volkswagen Passat by Cardiff University student Price.

Prosecutor Talia Keskin said Mrs Sumiga was rushed to hospital with a ‘devastating’ brain injury but died six days later.

Mother-of-two Renata Sumiga (pictured), 37, was killed in a head-on car smash

Student Price told police she had no recollection of what happened and could not give a reason for her loss of attention.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard the crash took place in March last year at 7.26pm when the weather ‘dark and dry’ with no lighting.

Mrs Sumiga had been sitting in the back seat while her husband Radoslaw Sznajder drove with one son in the front seat and one behind.

In a victim personal statement, husband Mr Sznajder said: ‘When I knew it was over I didn’t know how to tell them. I was in the world of The Matrix myself and in a dream.

‘I thought when I woke up it would all be over and back to normal. Once I told the boys, the youngest didn’t understand but the oldest, I never wish any parent to hear a child cry like that.’

He added: ‘Life is not the same without Renata. She was the glue that connected our family. She was our boss, drove us to action, made the children smile, and made us go out to play.

‘She was always with the children. Without Renata life gives us less pleasure. We miss her very much. Our lives have collapsed like a house of cards.’

The court heard Mrs Sumiga also suffered abdominal injuries in the smash on the A483 between Llanbister and Camnant in Powys.

Price suffered a broken femur, ankle, and jaw which required surgery as well as an injury to her elbow.

Renata Sumiga with her husband Radoslaw Sznajder who said his family’s life ‘collapsed like a house of cards’ following his wife’s death

Her phone was checked by police and showed no evidence of activity while connected to the car via Bluetooth for music.

Defending Stuart John said she had shown ‘genuine remorse’ and her university studies had been affected by the crash.

He said: ‘Two families’ lives have been ruined by this tragic collision and will be something this defendant will have to live with for the rest of her life.’

Price, of Bishopston, Swansea, pleaded guilty to causing death by careless and inconsiderate driving.

Judge Richard Twomlow said: ‘The victim was a 37-year-old mother to those two boys. Her death has had a devastating effect on her family.

‘Nothing I can say or any sentence I could pass could possibly alleviate the grief felt by her family as a result of her death.’

Price was handed to a 12-month community order and disqualified from driving for two years.

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